3 Popular and Convenient Apps You Need to Download

Phone technology has evolved greatly since the days of landlines and rotary dial candlesticks. Today we have companies that utilize a cloud based call center, video calling, and, the most revolutionary, smartphones. As if smartphones were not convenient enough, there are more apps being created than ever before, and many of them help make our lives even easier. There are literally millions of apps to download, and while some are more novelty, others are wildly useful. Here are a few of the most popular and resourceful apps to download today.


Need to get somewhere but don’t want to drive? Uber is an insanely popular transportation app that has become highly used in recent years. The app essentially acts as a taxi service, allowing users to request a driver from the ease of their phone. They will take you wherever you need to go in exchange for a fee, and are a great option when going out for a night on the town, traveling to high traffic areas, or avoiding parking fees where simply being dropped off would prove cheaper.


This handy app allows people to easily transfer money to others. This is great for covering expenses like rent to a roommate, grabbing food for a friend, or paying back any money that you owe someone. Many have also taken to this form of payment for selling things online because of its quick and convenient nature. It also lets users transfer the money into their bank account straight from the app, put money into their Venmo account, and so much more. You can view your transaction history and leave notes on payments to reference them for later viewings.


Who wouldn’t like a quick and easy way to get food delivered directly to their door? Grubhub is one of many food delivery apps, but it stands out as one of the best. The service lets users order food from their local restaurants and fast-food joints and have it delivered straight to their homes. Other food delivery app options include DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats, which offer similar services. It’s all the taste and deliciousness of your favorite dining experience at the press of a button!


These are among the most popular and convenient apps available, and get thousands of downloads each day. If you have not yet downloaded these apps, now is the time to do it. Whether you need a way to transfer some money, are looking for a ride to the baseball game, or are just needing a bite to eat, these apps are worth making space on your phone.