Tips To Look Your Best When Video Conferencing

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Due to the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in, we have had to change the way that we do business and how we communicate. Many millions of people are working from their home using their laptops and mobile devices and it looks like this will be the norm for a few more months yet. We are using many online applications that allow us to see each other in real time and to talk to each other as well. It’s not as good as meeting face-to-face, but it is as good as going to get some time. Spending a lot of this business time online means that you need to look your best at least from the neck up and people will still make their first impressions based on how you look.

There has never been a more important time to look your best and if your face is looking a little tired at the moment, then a visit to the face skin clinic in Neutral Bay by Labskin Clinic should be your first port of call. You need to look your best and here is where everything can happen in order for that to take place. Some pampering of your skin and addressing some of the skin issues that you have been having for some time, will all help to make you look good during facetime. There are other things that you need to be doing to make yourself look professional while on screen and the following are just some tips to help you do that.

Focus on the lighting – Any natural light that is front facing is the best to have because it helps to brighten up your skin and it accentuates your features. More light gives you a much clearer look and it makes your eyes stand out more than normal. There are many uses of having your mobile with you at all times and if you can, use your mobile device or your computer in front of a window and make sure that the light is hitting your face straight on. Bad lighting always lets people down when it comes to face time when you need to make sure that the light that you need doesn’t come from behind because that will just block out your face.

Choose the right angles – It is important that your camera is not looking at you from a low angle and never try to keep your camera at eye level or higher than that if possible. If your camera is looking up at you from a low angle it will highlight a double chin that isn’t there and the people that you were talking to will be able to look right up your nose. This is not a good look to have and one that needs to be avoided at all costs. If you can call your mobile device in your hand then use something that can rise it up higher like some books. To learn more about choosing the right video conferencing app, have a look here

Most importantly, take good care of your skin because a camera can make skin blemishes look 10 times worse. Always try to apply moisturiser before you go online and if the application you’re using has some kind of filter, then make sure you use that so that your skin looks better than it really is.