Virtual Property Viewings – How Have They Changed the Market?

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Technology continues to change every industry in the world at a sometimes-frightening pace, and the property market is no different. There was a time when buying property consisted of finding a place to view and contacting the real estate agent to schedule a walk through. Although this has not changed much – physical viewings are still popular – virtual tours are starting to take over as people can evaluate homes online.

Understanding Virtual Property Viewings

Because of the pandemic, many countries have put a ban on in-person viewings which puts the property market in a difficult situation. In addition, people cannot get into a lot of countries as governments have closed their borders to non-residents. This has stopped foreign investment in both commercial and residential properties.

If you have been thinking about townhouses by Benyapha in Thailand, but you cannot enter the country because of Covid-19 restrictions, you do not have to wait to view the property. Aside from looking at images and videos of properties online, buyers can now take a virtual property tour of various listings.

Video Tours

While trying to avoid making mistakes while selling homes, landlords and sellers have started to use video tours to help potential buyers view their property online. This is a simple way of marketing the property and it does not require any hi-tech equipment. The owner or realtor walks through the property and creates a video of each room and the exterior. This gives the buyers an idea of the building and its dimensions.

Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual viewing firms are now working with estate agents and private sellers to scan properties and piece together a virtual tour of the building. This can all be done for a fixed fee; the cost depends on the size of the property. Once this has been done, it takes a few days for the project to be completed. If someone is interested in a property, they can schedule a private viewing – virtual tour. When the viewer logs into the portal, they can move from room to room and scan in for more details.

This new technology is changing the face of property viewings as potential buyers no longer have to visit the premises to evaluate the dimensions and features of a home.


Some estate agents are taking virtual viewings to a whole new level by using drones to map the landscape. Drones are unmanned aircrafts that are piloted by an individual on the ground. In some countries, it is illegal to use a drone unless you have permission. In places like Thailand, you must register your drone with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Real estate agents are not only making indoor virtual viewings more accessible, they are also using drone technology to take pictures and videos of the garden, parking spaces, and terraces surrounding the property.

Virtual property viewings have changed the way real estate agents do business. With this innovative technology, companies are creating digital maps of the property that allow buyers to look inside a virtual setting. Although physical viewings are still widely used, virtual property viewings will become more and more popular.