Injured In a Crash? There’s an App for That

In the event of a car accident, there are several helpful apps that are designed to help victims gain access to the resources they need immediately afterward. Many of these apps are free to use and are compatible with nearly any mobile device, making them highly convenient for accident victims, regardless of their specific situation.

The following is a breakdown of these apps and how they can each help injury victims after an accident occurs.

For Capturing Evidence: iWrecked

Available for both Android and iPhone devices, iWrecked is an app that makes it easier than ever to collect and store evidence following an accident. Users can count on iWrecked to take photos, record details about the accident, create an accident report in PDF format, and locate local taxi and towing services. The app also uses the phone’s built-in GPS system to notify officials and customize reports.

For Requesting Roadside Assistance: AAA Mobile

AAA has built a solid reputation for providing reliable and fast roadside assistance nearly anywhere in the country. Anytime an accident renders a vehicle immobile, AAA Mobile users can request roadside assistance through the app on their iPhone or Android.

This app enables users to request assistance in as little as seconds after a crash, and a built-in GPS system helps indicate users’ precise location to dispatchers. In addition, users can consult the app for directions, recommendations for lodging and travel, gas prices, and member discounts.

For Contacting Emergency Services: Collision Call

Immediately after an accident, individuals can contact emergency services using Collision Call on their iPhone or Android. The app can measure the total force of impact for collision detection, but it won’t automatically activate unless an actual collision occurs. Drivers can open the app before going for a drive, and the app will then automatically notify emergency services if a collision takes place.

Another benefit of this app is that it can send alerts to friends and family if a driver is involved in a collision.

For Additional Guidance Following an Accident: WreckCheck

Sudden accidents can be disorienting for many. Even if a person is somewhat familiar with the steps to take after an accident, they might be unclear immediately after a collision. Enter WreckCheck for the iPhone and Android, which can guide people through the steps needed to gather evidence and create and share accident reports.

The app first accesses users’ mobile devices to collect location details, switch on the phone’s audio recording software, and turn on the camera to document the collision. It can then guide accident victims through the process of creating and sending accident reports. Finally, it can identify which information is important to share and help ensure it gets to the right people. When filing an insurance claim, it can also help users determine which information to include and where to enter it on various forms.

Each of these apps can be invaluable to drivers and passengers alike when involved in a car accident. Whether they need to contact emergency services, gather evidence, request roadside assistance, or develop in-depth accident reports, these apps will make the process simple and efficient.