The 7 Mobile Phone Accessories You Don’t Want to Be Without

Whatever type of phone you have, accessories can make it safer, more useful, and uniquely yours. We’ve rounded up seven of the coolest accessories no phone user should go without.

Power bank

Imagine this scenario: you’re out and about, trying desperately to get the directions you need to make it to your destination. Suddenly, your WhatsApp group comes alive, pinging away as dozens of people celebrate a big win for their favorite sports team. With every ping, you lose a bit more power.

Never worry about this again with a power bank. To get the best one for you, look for one with a voltage lower than that of your phone. The higher the mAh rating, the bigger it will be, but the more times it will charge your phone.

Durable cables

The cables that come with our phones are just not long enough or durable enough to do the job. You’re forced to keep your phone in one inconvenient place while charging. Over time, the ends of the cable fray and you get inconsistent charging (and even fire hazards).

Fix this with a long, durable cord that’s proven to stand up to at least 30,000 bends and 175 pounds of force. While you’re at it, get one that’s at least six feet long so you can use your phone conveniently even while charging. We recommend using your american express platinum uk to purchase them.

Phone pouch

How many times have you shoved that pocket-less pair of pants back in the closet because it gives you no place for your phone? How many times have you worried while shoving your phone into a pocket just a tiny bit too small for it?

Solve this issue with a phone pouch. Tuck this handy accessory into your clothing and you have the perfect place to safely slide your phone away. The counterweight keeps it from ever popping out, and your phone is always handy.

A screen protector

Your screen protector is what stands between you and a crack in your phone screen. A good screen protector can come as cheap as $10, while a new screen will cost you hundreds of dollars.

While you’re protecting your screen, why not protect your eyes at the same time? Get a screen cover that will protect your eyes from retina-damaging blue light.

A handy stand

You can get all kinds of stands for your phone, but PopSockets have two things going for them. For one, they are extremely inexpensive. You can get one for less than $10 in most places.

The other thing to be said for them is that they are extremely portable. They fit in any pocket or bag, expanding with a pop to securely hold your phone against any surface.

A clip light

If you like to take selfies and want them to always look perfect, you need a way to get better light on yourself than what your phone normally delivers. Instead of looking washed out, you can look perfect with a simple clip-on light.

The light has a rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to continuously buy batteries for it. Most are compatible with all mobile phone brands.

A multi-lens kit

The cameras on our phones have gone through some amazing developments in recent years. They now take far better pictures than handy digital cameras could have done a decade ago.

To make the most of your phone camera, you need a camera lens kit which works with any type of phone. These attach to your built-in camera and give you excellent zoom capabilities and allow you to take macro, fisheye, and wide-angle shots with ease.