Mint Mobile – Keep in Touch

Let’s face it, nowadays everyone needs a mobile phone, but not everyone can afford it.  You need the phone for emergencies, checking on things and keeping in touch. Many of today’s mobile phone plans are out of reach for the elderly who are on limited budgets but they need to be able to keep in touch just as much as everyone else.  

Mint Mobile is a perfect fit for the elderly, even their lower level (3GB) plan works well since they do not do a lot of website surfing and such.  By getting your elderly family member a Mint Mobile plan it can give you a peace of mind of being able to keep in touch with them so you can call them at any time to check on them, they can check in with the grandkids and they will always have a phone handy in case of an emergency.

Mint Mobile’s 3GB and 8GB plans would be perfect for the elderly as they can use apps, keep in touch, make appointments and they will always be a quick phone call away from you at any time.

Mint Mobile would be perfect for them since their plans are not $100 plus a month for a bunch of data they will not use, even if they do use a few apps and visit a few sites the two lower plans would fit, they would not have to get the higher plan and you can get that peace of mind for around $25 to $35 a month for the renewal of their 3GB or 8GB plans, much better than the higher price of other carriers.

It is really easy to get them started, you can get a Mint Mobile starter kit from Walmart, Best Buy or Amazon for them, pick a phone if they do not have one and get it all set up for them in a very short period of time and then you can have peace of mind and your elderly family member can finally have their very own mobile phone.  Once the first 3 months are up, you just choose to renew for 3, 6 or 12 months depending on how you choose to do it. You will save money per month on the longer plans, but if that does not fit within your budget you can choose the shorter time period to renew.

This way you will always be able to keep in touch with your elderly family members you have been worried about, especially the independent ones that still live on their own.  They will be able to not only keep in touch with you but also the grandkids, just to say “hi” or check-in and they will be able to call anyone, anywhere in case of an emergency.

Many people think of teens or young adults when talking about mobile phones, but mobile phones can also come in handy for the elderly too.
Sign up your elderly family member for Mint Mobile so they can be connected too.  If you need any more information on their plans, check out their website and this comprehensive mint mobile review.