Is Your Business Embracing Digital Marketing Best Practices?

In today’s world, you can’t run a successful business without great digital marketing. You need to get your brand out there, demonstrate how your products stand out from the competition, and you need to master the technical skills that make marketing effective. Producing marketing content isn’t the challenge – understanding the underlying best practices is what’s tricky.

If you’re currently building out your company’s digital marketing strategy for 2020, these 3 strategies can substantially improve your outcomes, providing both reach and conversions. There are a lot of companies competing for attention, and you don’t want to be pushed out of the picture.

Attend To Timing

Because so much content floods onto social media and into email inboxes each day, the time that content arrives is absolutely vital. That consideration has long driven brands to emphasize posting at the same time every day, but if you’re not hitting the right time slots, it won’t do you any good. Research shows that people check their social media during downtime, such as right after waking up, on their lunch break, or before bed, making those ideal times to post. For brands targeting urban areas, the commute hour may also be a strong timing contender, since many people take public transportation.

You can use data from your social media analytics to determine when users are seeing your content or visiting your page, and customize your post schedule based on that information. It’s all about getting eyes on your content.

Know The Impact Of Zero Click

In an effort to keep readers within their own ecosystem, Google has started shifting some content into what they call Zero Click results. You’ve probably used these yourself; after searching for a particular term or topic, you’ve viewed a YouTube video or accessed business hours and contact info without actually going to the site. Zero Click results are convenient for users, but they can make marketing efforts less profitable for businesses.

You can’t do much about the growth of Zero Click search results, but their growth does offer some key lessons and insights into modern best practices, the most important of which is that marketers should never become too reliant on any one income source or marketing strategy. Instead, it’s important to always be a student of the field, studying technical innovations. You can learn digital marketing strategies online through e-learning opportunities. These programs can help equip professionals with the skills to implement modern, comprehensive marketing strategies across a range of businesses.

Above All, Be Social

Social media has, undeniably, changed the digital marketing landscape, but as brands establish their social accounts as the first point of contact, they’re also grappling with a more serious problem: user communications. Indeed, if you ask users what they want from brands, they’ll typically tell you two main things: be funny and be responsive. Responsiveness includes receiving quick answers to all sorts of social media outreach, from questions and complaints to praise. If social media is designed to be personal, then users want brands on these platforms to act like their friends.

One of the best ways to optimize your brand’s marketing program in 2020 is by embracing the factors above and then focusing on the data. Every platform has its own analytics system, and each will provide differentiated insights into what’s reaching your users and what isn’t. What’s more, your customers will let you know – just keep an eye on your DMs.


Infographic created by Clover Network, a merchant services company