Top Productivity Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneurs is a busy life and time is limited no matter how much we comprise sleep or personal life. An entrepreneur who devotes his or her entire life to running a successful business is always looking for ways to improve productivity.

Balance is necessary for everyone’s life and to help, entrepreneurs can use apps that are designed with improved productivity in mind. Thanks to several convenient (and free) apps, entrepreneurs are able to increase their productivity.

If you are also an entrepreneur and looking for ways to increase your productivity then it’s time to take advantage of some of the apps highlighted below.


The start of any business takes place with an idea. This idea is then developed into a business plan. StratPlan is an application which enables an individual to create a complete business plan. Also, it helps generate startup strategies as well as create the essential financial projections for securing the funding needed for starting a business.


In today’s world, any new business needs a website. A good website must be visually appealing, searchable and functional. You can pay professionals and get a nice site designed, but if you are working with a limited budget you can use Plebu. “This app helps you create a website which will work across all devices including mobile. This app is very simple to use and allows a new business to get up online without the expense of a web designer. It’s a great temporary option to test an idea before investing a lot of money,” says Luqman Khan, Founder of a Wireloo, a company that reviews the best water purifying dispenser.


Sellingly is an app that makes follow-up easy. The app also keeps track of the lead and provides emails as a reminder to let you know when follow-ups are required. Thus, the entrepreneur is able to balance his or her time prospecting for new leads and following up to close existing leads. Often times a new business will be a one-person operation, so a tool like this becomes very helpful.


Uberconferece enables its users to hold meeting through the internet. Teleconferencing, as well as video conferencing, is available to its users.  Also, team members are able to connect and meet up regardless of location. “This screen sharing option makes it very convenient for remote teams to work together. If your company is virtual, then this is a must-have app,” says Christopher VanDeCar, CEO of Optimally Organic.

Pocket Analytics

A successful entrepreneur must know his or her number at all times Pocket Analytics is an app that tracks the success as well as a breakdown of all SEO marketing. All the information is available related to your traffic and conversions, allowing you to access it from anywhere.


Evernote makes it easy to share, view and edit files that are uploaded to the Cloud. Also, employees are able to access the information they require without any delay. It enables you to add notes and scan items to add to specific task folders. It acts as a low-priced assistant for a busy entrepreneur. “It’s a great app for any business that shares files and needs to access information,” says Darryl Howard of Boca Raton Med Spa.


This application is designed for iPhone users. It works by both voice as well as text commands and it’s designed as a task sharing application. Users are allowed to organize tasks as well as share them using this app. This app also gives alerts to the user whenever a task has to be completed. Also, you are able to sync multiple devices using this app, which is great for teams.


Finding time to track expenses can be difficult for entrepreneurs wearing several hats. “Expensify allows you to capture a picture of a receipt and quickly turn it into a digital record in your expense account. This ensures no expense is left unrecorded,” says Jake Braun of ChopperExchange, a website for finding out what your Harley is worth.