3 Tips for Creating Content On the Go

creating content on the go

We now possess mobile phones, video cameras, selfie sticks, and an array of tools facilitating effortless picture-taking when you’re on the go, not to mention the more sophisticated cameras and equipment available. It’s not just about capturing images; recording videos has become equally prevalent. As you’re aware, most social media platforms are increasingly favoring video content, with algorithms prioritizing such posts at the forefront of news feeds. Therefore, it’s essential to be mindful when creating content that includes videos, ensuring you’re not constantly relying on repurposing someone else’s material. Take advantage of your ability to capture your unique videos, moments, and images, crafting content that genuinely represents your brand or your client’s brand, depending on the nature of your work.

Understanding that mindset plays a crucial role, you must condition yourself to refrain from negative thoughts regarding technology. Instead, focus on utilizing the resources at your disposal to accomplish the task. Take a moment to slow down and capture the most compelling photo or video possible. Perfection is not a prerequisite, so avoid rushing the process. Here are three other tips you should keep in mind for creating content while you’re on the go!


1. Who Cares Who is Watching?!

Cease fretting about who might be observing your actions. The most effective approach is to tune out the external distractions. Whether it’s individuals curiously observing, questioning your actions, or casting glances with thoughts of their own – don’t let their lack of involvement sidetrack you from maintaining a deliberate focus on your content.

Remember, your creative process is uniquely yours and thrives when shielded from external judgment. Embrace the authenticity of your work, and let your passion guide you. By dismissing concerns about onlookers, you empower yourself to create content that genuinely resonates with your vision and purpose. So, maintain your intentional approach, allowing your creativity to flourish unabated.


2. Make Notes for Later

Take note of your emotions and thoughts while capturing these moments. Utilize your phone to record a voice memo or keep a notebook or journal nearby to jot down potential captions for upcoming posts. This practice simplifies recollecting your intentions when crafting captions for social media posts throughout the month. If you’re collaborating with a client, document observations about them, noting expressions and the scenario context. In some cases, clients may even provide specific instructions for note-taking. Having these details on hand will prove invaluable in the future!

Imagine revisiting your notes and reliving the essence of those moments, ensuring that your captions visually complement the content and authentically capture the sentiments behind each post. As you build this habit, your social media strategy becomes more cohesive and reflects your genuine experiences and connections.


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