What to Watch Out For When Working at a Startup

Working for a startup can be extremely stressful and rewarding simultaneously. Being able to see the results of your hard work directly impact the success of a business provides ultimate professional satisfaction. Startups can be tough to work with as late paychecks or high employee turnover can generate poor morale.

A startup can be a great place to get experience doing more than you would at a traditional company. You need to watch out for certain startups as they can get you into trouble both legally and financially. The following are things that you should watch out for when working at a startup.

Faulty HR Processes 

There is going to be drama in every workplace regardless of industry. Punishing certain people and not punishing others for the same mistakes can be a sign of favoritism or discrimination. HR processes should be by the book with a person qualified handling this department.

You do not want to lose a job you rely on simply due to a rumor or being falsely accused of something. If you see there seems to be different rules for different employees, you might want to start your job search process again. 

Issues With Paying Employees/Contractors 

Beware of those startups that have a flashy office and always seem to travel in style yet have issues paying employees/contractors. The money that investors have given the startup is most likely being misallocated. You do not want your time at a specific company to blacklist you from others in the industry.

Payment to employees being late will drain morale and leave an uneasy feeling in the office. You do not want to be associated with a startup that refuses to pay employees or terminates employees that ask for timely payment. 

Covering Up Arrests of Top Employees 

All employees should be held to the same standards when it comes to their behavior outside of the office. Illegal activity going on at the office should also be a sign it is time to leave.

You do not want to have to get a Raleigh criminal lawyer simply because you stuck around at the wrong business. A consistent paycheck is great but not great enough to risk your freedom.

Terrible Management of Employees 

A person with a vision for a business might have a great idea but little idea of how to implement a business plan. Management of employees might not be the strength of an entrepreneur but they have to foster an environment of hard work and fun.

Going around and berating staff for not hitting production numbers that are realistic is a perfect example. You should not have to put up with any form of abuse at your job even if you have made a mistake. 

Working at a startup can be an exciting experience regardless of where you are at in your career. The volatile environment that a startup might have makes it a much better fit for younger professionals. Older professionals need more job security as they approach retirement.