Using Mobile Technology For Business Marketing

Business marketing has undergone a radical change over the last decade of digital development.  The way businesses market their brand to consumers has shifted to an almost completely digital platform.  

Utilizing the internet for marketing is one thing, but mobile technology will pinpoint the masses in a more effective manner.  Mobile users have recently flooded the web in such a way that they are now the majority.

Aiming towards a happy mobile community of digital followers is a great way to spread knowledge of your brand.  Here is a quick look at a few ways to utilize mobile technology in your business marketing plan.

Take advantage of Google’s location services

Google My Business is built for businesses to make themselves more visible to mobile users.  If you’ve ever searched for gas stations near you, then you’ve utilized the efforts of Google My Business.  

Use these services to add visibility to your organization, so users can find your locations with just a few clicks.  This property management organization integrated Google’s mapping services into the design of their business website.

Launch a crafty QR code campaign

Quick Response codes are not a new way of mobile marketing, but it is becoming much more relevant than it once was for business.  Starbucks launched one of the most memorable QR campaigns just a few years ago.

You may not know by the name, but you’ve seen more than your share of QR codes.  Those scrambled squares you can scan with your smartphone are called Quick Response codes.  

Optimize your website/blog for mobile access

Your business website isn’t complete without a full overhaul for mobile optimization.  Mobile optimization helps your SERP (search engine results pages) rankings, but it also makes your website much more accommodating to mobile web users.  

When mobile web surfers discover your business website or blog online, they should have no trouble navigating the many pages of information you have provided.  Research how to make your website mobile responsive, and you’ll find a slew of necessary knowledge to absorb.

Offer opt-in for SMS marketing messages

Give the market the opportunity to receive mobile messages from your business.  You can send out mobile reminders of upcoming releases/events, exclusive sale codes, and even a small free gift to smartphone users.  

Develop a complimentary mobile application

You probably have one or more mobile apps downloaded for some of your favorite grocery and department stores.  

Offering a mobile application for consumers which compliments the customer’s experience is extremely effective marketing for your brand.  Consumers feel like they have an inside track to service when they can access your organization from their smartphone at any time.