3 Reasons Why Call Centers Without Predictive Dialers Are Missing Out

Do you feel like you’re constantly running around, working yourself to the point of exhaustion trying to keep your call center productive in a competitive business world? A lot of managers feel this way, and some may not know that a predictive dialer is one way of giving your center a big productivity boost.

If you’re not using a predictive dialer, then you’re missing out on some important benefits that your competition might already have. Don’t let another week pass without grabbing these three important advantages for yourself and your business:

You handle a lot more prospects

A predictive dialer calculates when agents will finish calls and starts dialing the next one before the first call is finished. Predictive dialer software can identify busy signals and voice mailbox messages or recognized an abandoned call. The software jettisons those useless calls and takes every agent quickly to the next live prospect immediately after they finish a call.

This means you never have to deal with answering machines, disconnections, DNDs, or wrong numbers. And research shows these wasted dials can cost as much as 20 minutes out of every hour. Imagine how many more calls you could make with another 20 minutes of useful time.

With no dropped or abandoned calls, your call center floor will reach a lot more people every hour. More live people reached means more sales made, more problems fixed, and more leads generated.

You focus and encourage your people

Our brains reward us for finishing a task, and this process causes us to lose just a bit of focus. Every time an agent finishes a call, their natural reaction is to stop, stretch, and take a short break before hitting that button for another one. Those short breaks can really add up, but you can eliminate them and keep people focused with a predictive dialer.

Now imagine this scenario: you have a little competitive moment going on the floor. Teams are pushing to reach a target by the end of the day. On one team, several people run into a string of unlucky bad numbers where all the calls get dropped.

This is discouraging and frustrating, and now instead of the competition keeping everyone motivated, some unlucky dials have discouraged people and possibly even caused a rift between teams. That’s the opposite of what you want, and you can avoid it with a predictive dialer.

Everything becomes more efficient

Your predictive dialer is sending you real-time feedback at every moment. You know about queue lengths, dropped calls, and available agents. Now that you’re armed with that knowledge, you’re ready to make forecasts and staff adjustments.

You can start predicting when heavy call volume will start, so you and your staff can be ready to meet it. You can hire fewer people total because the predictive dialer is taking on a lot of the workload. You can adjust your staffing levels from hour to hour to match your better understanding of need and volume.

Calls will also be more efficient because the entire calling system is automated. Agents don’t have to even take the time to push a button, let alone actually record a caller’s information. And since the predictive dialer knows how to route calls to the right department, incoming calls are also dealt with more efficiently.

More calls means more problems fixed, more prospects reached, and ultimately more sales made. More calls mean motivated and focused call center agents. More calls means better efficiency on the call center floor and even when dealing with incoming calls. In the competitive world of business, you can’t afford to miss out on these advantages.