Mobile Technology is Changing the Nightlife Industry

According to Josh Nass and other disc jockeys, there has been a significant change that has come to the nightlife scene, even predating any recent developments that certainly seem to be unanticipated. Mobile technology has greatly enhanced the nightlife industry in some respects; but in others, it’s actually caused it adverse implications.

Josh Nass has worked as a disc jockey or a “DJ” in santiago, chile and other latina american hot-spots for many years. The latin american space especially has always seen a great deal of excitement surrounding the nightlife space. It’s an event space; but it’s also more than that.

Initially nightlife was simply viewed as a business that revolved around the nightclub. You had the dance floor; and you had the music that the disc jockeys would play. The business was built surrounding that entree as the hub. In other words, bottle service; dancers; and whatever other aspects to nightlife that we might traditionally view as aspects of the industry, are now viewed as secondary or even tertiary to these other fundamental parts of the business.

The business in recent years, due in no small part to mobile technologies and the advances thereof, has catapulted into becoming a business that has so many different and varying streams of revenue that it’s almost hard to quantify. It’s no different than the casino business, in which the casino floor was traditionally viewed as the hub and central portion of the business and source of revenue for the space and hospitality area.

Now, and in recent years, that’s developed – in no small part, due to technological advancements. It’s diversified into convention centers, restaurant areas with food courts; bars; and events spaces. Of course, that’s in addition to the hospitality aspect – namely, hotel rooms which serve as yet another stream of revenue that was otherwise nonexistent until technological advancements took the industry over.

The gaming industry has undoubtedly also (much like the nightlife industry) benefited from the revolution in mobile technology and the like. But there’s also been downsides – which are a part of the natural democratization of any industry that mobile technology has also led to. It’s a natural side effect that there’s been an emergence of online forms of gaming, which can be utilized on mobile devices and programmed accordingly.

Any business, regardless of the industry in which it may be situated, needs to be fully aware of the developments that mobile technologies are bound to generate. The nightlife industry has changed dramatically since these developments have been enacted. Some would even argue that the industry has been entirely transformed, as a result.

The gaming industry has had similar reactions and responses to these advents and developments. But prudent and shrewd executives will adapt accordingly. They will seek to adopt protective measures in order to properly mitigate whatever unintended consequences might develop as a result of these activities and developments.

Creativity is important; and mobile technology has brought innovation to the forefront. But those in industries that have been affected and implicated by it , must keep their eye on the ball and not lose focus. Complacency can lead to failure; and that’s a reality that any good executive in the nightlife industry has learned. Keeping up with the changes in the mobile climate are important as ever before.