Ultimate Desk Charger

Have you tried a wireless phone charger before and it didn’t work at all? Or maybe it didn’t work through your phone case? The Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA could change that for you! This wireless charger works through thick and thin cases and with both slim and wide devices. It is a reliable wireless charger for any Qi-enabled wireless charging devices. 

FIORA is known for its wireless car chargers that showcase the company’s tenets of design, speed, safety, accessibility and quality. Upon the wireless car charger success, the Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA has been launched and is inclusive of all the company’s best features. 

The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA will suit any professional’s desk or modern man’s home. It’s sleek and beautiful look is attributed to its tempered glass surface and sturdy aluminum alloy casing. The tempered glass surface doubles in smooth aesthetics and in safety, it keeps a device cool and its temperature regulated. 

Mirroring its luxurious look, the charging speed offered by The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA is 40% faster than a standard wireless desk charger. FIORA’s release offers a Qi Certified Fast Charge of 15W, 10W, 7.5W and 5W industry fastest charging station of iPhone, AirPod, Samsung, LG, Google phone and other cell phones and devices that support wireless charging. The Ultimate Desk Charger by FIORA still provides the charging power and speed no matter the case including Otterbox, Belkin and Spigen.

FIORA products go through an extensive quality control process to ensure they are sending their customers a quality product. FIORA safety certifications include CE, FCC, ROHs Certifications and Over Charging and Heat protection. It is essential to provide a product that provides a lasting impression of assurance and dependability. FIORA not only set products for success by including base standards of certifications with all products, but it has a guarantee it includes with its products. The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA gives a one year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime support for this product. FIORA is also a member of the Wireless Consortium, which requires they meet the highest safety standards and regulations. 

The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA supplies a versatile charging station for any Qi enabled wireless devices. This product’s accessibility has been tested with some of the largest phones including Note 10 Plus, Galaxy Fold, iPhone 11 Max Pro, LG V40, Google Pixel 4 and they all work fantastic with FIORA’s Wireless Desk Charger. 

This product is also cost effective when one buys The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA. Most wireless chargers don’t include AC adapter. In order to ensure the fastest and most effective charging speeds, FIORA conveniently included QualComm QC 3.0/2.0 adapter and USB-C cable. 

The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA is proven to charge 40% faster than the leading brands. While being the leader of the charge in speed, this wireless charger is an excellent contender for best aesthetic design. FIORA provides a product that appears to be twice its cost in sleek design alone. Speed, appearance, and lastly integrity. The Wireless Desk Charger by FIORA goes beyond to certify the safety of the consumers purchase through meeting industry safety standards, a one year warranty of purchase and a lifetime guarantee of support on the FIORA product.