7 Apps That Will Instantly Make Your Life Easier

It’s 2020, and there’s pretty much an app for everything. According to recent studies, the average American spends nearly three hours per day on different mobile apps. Our phones have become extensions of ourselves.

Why is that?

Technology has evolved to add convenience to almost every aspect of human existence. Sure, you can make endless comparisons to this day and age and Orwellian society. The truth is, we’re not complaining. Apps save us time, energy, and even money!

It can be hard to sort through all of the useless new software out there. In this article, we’ll help you out by bringing five apps to your attention that will make your mundane moments and small tasks much more manageable. 

Square Cash

Is there anything worse than going out to dinner with friends when you have to split the bill? The night ends with boring math and unnecessary complications. Well, the days of fighting Becky about whether or not she had two glasses of wine is over! 

The Cash app from Square allows you to send and request money with ease to and from anyone who has the app. Your account is linked directly to your debit card, so you don’t have to worry about any separate account balance. 

If you have a business, this is also a convenient tool to have available at your fingertips. With the business version, you can accept payments from clients without any limit to the dollar amount you’re receiving. 


This is one of our favorite apps of all time. For so long, we were seeking an educational tool where we can save our ideas and research. Evernote is essentially a combination of a notes app, a Pinterest board, and a bookmark folder. 

Evernote has become a standard among productivity apps. It collects everything you want to keep track of in one streamlined platform. 


With Dashlane on your mobile device, you’ll feel like your head is finally screwed tightly on your shoulders. The app securely stores all personal passwords, IDs, and personal details, as well as any payment information. All of the credentials generated are secure and unique. It makes it easier to complete logins and checkouts at rapid speed. 


We have enough stimulation that it’s nice to have an app that does the opposite. With Headspace, you can take time every day to clear your mind of everything stressful. This app is a meditation guide. 

The free Take10 program is an excellent way to get started with 10-minute meditations for ten days. You can tailor it to focus on what matters to you. If you’re into the benefits, a subscription will unlock a range of mindfulness exercises that you can do in just a few minutes a day. 


Do you have to save up your quarters for laundry day? Do you ever find yourself desperately looking for them under your couch? We mean, who uses cash, let alone change anymore?

With the Shinepay app, you can pay for your laundry safely and simply. As you can see on find out more, you can log into your dashboard to manage your funds, and you never have to deal with any pesky fees.   

Google Translate

If you’re planning on traveling anywhere, download the Google Translate app. Trust us, and you won’t regret it. 

Often we find ourselves in awkward situations where we wish that we could say something, but we just don’t know how to. With this app readily on your mobile device, you can quickly translate just about any language. 

The app can use your phone’s camera for instant text translation for 26 languages. There’s also automatic speech translation for 40 languages. 


Financial responsibility is hard, we know. Luckily, Mint steps in to lift a bit of the burden off of our shoulders. With the budget management tools and other resources, it’s easy to stay on top of debt payments, income, and even investments. 

The Verdict

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the apps out there, start simple. With a folder of these seven tools, you’ll cruise through your daily activities stress-free. Technology really can be sweet if you can make it work in your favor.