Top 5 Link in Bio Tools For Instagram Ranked

Using a link in bio tool for Instagram is a smart way to make more sales. Marketing on Instagram is a must for any business, no matter the demographic of your audience. The potential advertising reach on Instagram is 849.3 million users!

But getting people off Instagram and onto your website or another destination can sometimes be difficult. Instagram only lets you put one link in your bio. If you have multiple things to promote, how can you simultaneously include them all?

That’s where link in bio tools can help. By using a link in bio tool, you can create a landing page with a list of links or create a clickable Instagram feed so that your followers can access all of the links you have to share.

There are plenty of linking tools out there, making it easy to choose the right one for you. Here are the top five link in bio tools for Instagram ranked, so you can add multiple links to your Instagram bio, starting driving more traffic, and making more sales. 


Features offers users unlimited links. As you schedule your links, you have the option to add a headline and thumbnail image to each one. You can also choose which links to prioritize and to animate, customize your landing page and hide the logo. Then track your analytics over time to see how many clicks and views you’re getting on your links. 

When you customize your links there are 3 different layout options, pre-made themes, and you can customize colors and fonts. also has an option to add all of your social links, and you can connect your Instagram to display the top 6 posts on your feed.

How it Works

When you create an account, you’ll see three tabs on your dashboard: “My Links,” “Customize,” and “Settings.” Under the My Links tab, you can add your links and connect your Instagram account; you’ll see a preview of your landing page on the right. This is where your analytics live, too. Use the Customize section to change the visual appearance of your landing page. Then add your other social media accounts and set UTM parameters under Settings. When your landing page is ready to go, copy and paste your link into your Instagram or TikTok Bio.

Pricing is free.


Features is a great link in bio tool for companies, brands, and agencies. With this tool, you can make a landing page that’s on-brand and displays as many links as you’d like to share. You have the ability to add your other social media profiles to this page and to customize the theme of the landing page, too. will also track and display your analytics so you can keep an eye on how things are going. 

How it Works

To add a new link on, simply log into your account and use the simple interface to edit your link menu. (You can use with any device and any browser.) If you’re an agency and need to manage multiple accounts at the same time, you can do that, too — has payment plans that are perfect for agencies juggling several accounts. 

Pricing’s payment plan has several tiers so you can choose what’s best for you:

  • Free
  • Pro — monthly ($.099 per month)
  • Pro — lifetime ($9.99 per lifetime)
  • Pro — whitelabel ($24.99 per lifetime)
  • Agent ($1.99 per month)
  • Agency ($4.99 per month)
  • Business ($9.99 per month)
  • Premium ($49.99 per year)

3) Linktree


Linktree has a long list of features that its users can enjoy. With this link in bio tool, you’ll have unlimited links, leap links, link scheduling, priority links, video links, link thumbnails, and social icons. You’re able to customize the landing page, changing the button and font style, the header, and the background, as well as removing the Linktree logo. You can access analytics such as clicks, views, click through rate, and more. And you can even integrate other tools with your Linktree account — such as Mailchimp, Unsplash, and the Amazon Influencer Program

How it Works

When you sign up for Linktree, you’ll immediately be able to start creating your custom landing page. Add your links and then select from the themes to tweak the visuals of your landing page. When your page is ready to go, add the link to your Instagram bio. Then use the Linktree dashboard to make any future changes needed and to access your ongoing analytics. 


Linktree’s free option is pretty basic: You have unlimited links and are able to access simple analytics such as your total number of views and clicks. You can also choose from a few pre-designed themes to apply to your landing page. But that’s where the fun stops. To enjoy all of Linktree’s premium features — full customization, several integrations, link options, and other features — users have to pay $6 a month.

4) by Later


Many brands use Later to schedule their social media campaigns. With Later’s tool, you can add a link to your Instagram Story, too. has several helpful tools for brands. You can use it to make a landing page with your list of links, or recreate your Instagram grid with clickable photos. Schedule the links you want to post, add multiple links to one Instagram photo, or add links to individual IG posts. Later also offers advanced analytics and integrates with your Shopify account to simplify ecommerce selling. 

How it Works

You can set up either through a web browser, or by using the Later mobile app. Add the links you’d like to share while you’re scheduling posts via Later. If you want to add links to posts you’ve already shared, you can do that through the webpage. You can also connect your Shopify store to your Later account and tag products from there.  


If you have Later’s Plus plan (which starts at $7.5 per month), is automatically included. However, unless you upgrade to a higher tier Later payment plan, you’ll only receive the basic plan — one link per post and no Shopify integration. 

5) Campsite


Campsite includes all of the basic linking tool features, such as unlimited links, analytics, and a customizable landing page. This tool also allows you to archive, animate, or pin certain links. Campsite offers several integrations as well. And finally, Campsite has a library of stock photos that you can pull from (if you have a paid account) — and users have the ability to embed their Campsite profile into their website.

How it Works

The user-friendly Campsite dashboard lets you add your list of links, with an image and description for each. You can also change the colors and other aspects of the landing page to make sure it matches your branding before you add the link to your Instagram bio.


Use Campsite for free or opt for the paid plan, which costs $7 per month and lets you manage three Campsite profiles. 

Add A Link in Bio On Instagram

While these linking tools all provide the same basic functions, their advanced features — and their pricing plans — vary. Use this guide to choose the best link in bio tool for your needs and your budget so you can add multiple links on Instagram and never miss a marketing opportunity.