Tips for Optimal Instagram Profiles on Mobile Devices

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. This platform now boasts more than 1 billion users on a regular basis. This also makes Instagram one of the most important marketing tools. Some people might be interested to know that the vast majority of accounts on Instagram are currently following the profile of a business, company, or brand. Therefore, this shows just how important Instagram is in the world of marketing. Because most people use Instagram on their smart device, it is important to gear any Instagram photo to a smaller screen. With this in mind, there are a few tips to remember.

First, remember that the key is to post high-quality photos on a regular basis. People are not going to have time to blow up the picture on a computer screen to see what the point of the image was. Therefore, if the pictures are blurry with fingerprints all over the camera lens, this is not going to be helpful. Make sure that every picture and video is taken with the screen of a smartphone in mind. The goal is to attract as many Instagram likes and followers and possible. This means going for photos that are going to match this desire. Take advantage of filters. Care about the lighting. Maximize the engagement of the user with each and every shot.

Next, remember that the speakers of a smartphone are not always the best. Sure, pictures are important on Instagram but so are the videos that people post. Remember that these videos are going to have sound. Try to make sure the sound is as clear as possible as well. More importantly, try to remember to turn on closed captions and subtitles. Many people are going to be scrolling through Instagram at work, in school, or in other places where sound might not be the best idea. Therefore, to make the videos easier to consume, remember to turn on the subtitles and captions.

Finally, as people are scrolling through Instagram on the phone, the goal is to make them stop scrolling. One of the best ways to do this is to use hashtags. Hashtags are going to light up an Instagram profile like lights on a Christmas tree. When people are looking for something to latch onto, it is usually the hashtags. Use popular hashtags that are currently trending. People like familiarity and that is exactly what popular hashtags will do. Furthermore, use brand hashtags as well. These are friendly for mobile devices and will encourage other people to promote the company. The point of making Instagram profiles friendly for mobile devices is the marketing opportunities they provide. Put these tips to use.