Top 3 Apps for Finding Cheap Flights

A few years ago, a traveler looking to ge4t the best deal on flights without doing much work might have had to reach out to a local travel agency. Today, finding the cheapest flights available to and from any destination and booking them can be done instantaneously from our own smartphones. Many travelers prefer to book flights and other travel-related services through third-party apps instead of directly through an airline’s site, as travel apps often offer additional discounts for users and are truly one of the most effective ways to travel for as cheaply as possible. No matter where you’re headed, these helpful travel apps can help you get there without breaking the bank; unless you’re a business executive looking to charter a luxury private flight from Access Global.

  1. Skyscanner

One of the most popular apps for finding cheap flights to and from any destination is Skyscanner. This straightforward app is very user-friendly, and sources flight information directly from airline websites to help customers find the cheapest flights available without having to do much digging on the airline’s site. Skyscanner lets users filter results by date, as well as with a helpful calendar tool that shows the price of flights on any given day of a particular month. The app’s “Explore” tool also allows users to see what destinations are the cheapest to fly to, which is a perfect feature for travelers looking to book a trip with flexibility.

  • Momondo

Travelers concerned with getting the best value for their dollar should try Momondo. Similar to Skyscanner, this app allows travelers to find the cheapest flights available to any destination based on date, however, this app is set apart from its competitors in its ability to let users flip between the cheapest flights, the quickest flights, and the best value. Although you might want to travel cheaply, you might not want to take a 30h flight from California to New York, in which case Momondo can help you find the cheapest and most reasonable flight that is right for you.

  • WanderU

This app is perfect for travelers who will need to utilize more than one form of transportation throughout the duration of a trip. WanderU not only lets travelers find the cheapest flights available on a particular date, but can also do the same for trains, taxis, and other forms of transit.