6 Best Apps for Personal Finances

The new year is just around the corner. If your resolution is to get your finances in order and start boosting your savings, these six apps can help.

1. You Need a Budget

If you’re trying to get out debt, the You Need a Budget (YNAB) app can help you get there. The app helps you stop living paycheck to paycheck, tackle your debt and start adding to your savings.

The app’s budgeting method gives every dollar a job, so you stop spending based on emotions. YNAB doesn’t let you make a budget based on money you don’t have, and it allows for some flexibility for when those unexpected expenses pop up.

YNAB gets rid of the stress of not knowing where your money is going.

2. Mint

Arguably one of the best-known apps for personal finance, Mint helps you manage your money like a pro.

Mint is a one-stop-shop for your finances. With this one app, you can create a budget and track your spending. You can even connect your bill, credit card accounts and bank accounts for even easier money management.

The app will let you know when bills are due, how much you owe and how much you can realistically pay.

3. ItsDeductible

ItsDeductible is another app from Intuit that helps you track donations and be ready for tax season.

The app allows you to securely add mileage, donations, bonds, cash and mutual funds for easy tracking. For donations, ItsDeductible will actually assess the value of the item based on its condition. This allows for more accurate deductions and reduces the risk of an audit.

4. Acorns

If you need help with saving money, Acorn offers a quick and painless way to get started. Start by connecting your credit cards to the app. Each time you make a purchase, the app will round up to the next highest dollar and invest the difference in a portfolio of ETFs that you select.

The app puts your pocket change to work for you. Most users never notice the difference, but they love finding extra cash in their investment accounts every year.

Acorn does come with a fee of $1 per month.

5. Wally

The Wally app can help you track your expenses so that you stay on budget. This free app allows you to take photos of receipts and automatically logs your expenses. Wally eliminates the need to enter expenses manually, and will even fill in information for you if you use the geo-location on your device.

6. LearnVest

The LearnVest app tracks your financial data across multiple financial institutions. This free app offers financial education materials and budgeting tools. It will even help you set and reach your financial goals.

No matter where you are in the world, you can check the balances of all your accounts, keep a record of the money you spend and get details of every item charged to your credit cards.

It won’t provide bill-pay reminders or credit score information, but it can connect you with a financial planner for a fee.