The Top 4 Benefits of a Professional AV Setup for Your Business

If you rely on an audiovisual system for your business, it’s important to have a professional setup. A good system will create a seamless experience for customers, clients, and your team members.

With audio especially, the smallest problem can have an enormous impact. For instance, just hearing someone breaking up over a loudspeaker is enough to drive some people crazy.

Are you curious what a professional AV company can do? Consider these reasons for hiring a pro to set up your AV system.

1. Clear audio

Never underestimate the power of clear audio. There is no substitute. If your audio communications aren’t crystal clear, people will become frustrated. This can happen in an important meeting or during a casual practice run for a presentation.

If your audio crackles or produces feedback randomly, it’s going to be painful for everyone. Even people who aren’t highly sensitive to sound will feel the hit when they hear sudden, harsh feedback or a constant light static. You can’t expect your meetings and presentations to be effective when this is the case.

A professional AV company can install the right audio equipment and make sure it’s properly installed to avoid that painful, off-putting feedback.

2. Bad AV costs your business money and clients

Most businesses consider price as a first priority when choosing their AV system, but that can cause some problems. If your system is poor, you’ll struggle harder than you think. For example, imagine hosting an online video conference for some big potential clients located in various parts of the world. You’re feeling good about your presentation because you’ve practiced it over and over and it’s good.

Then, out of nowhere, the screen starts to flicker and your audience can no longer see the slides you’re presenting. If your potential clients were into your presentation up to that point, the disruption will bring them out of that space and you probably won’t be able to close them. If you’re lucky, they’ll attend another version of your presentation, but not everyone is willing to do that.

These types of technical glitches can happen when the AV system is poor, or when a good system is installed incorrectly. To prevent this from happening to your business, do some research and find a reputable AV installation company that can get you the right equipment with a professional installation.

Tips for choosing an AV company:

  • Ask for recommendations from other local businesses.
  • Physically go look at some of the AV setups your chosen company has installed and get the first-hand experience.
  • Ask each company for specifics regarding what their quote includes. You need to know ahead of time what kind of changes are included in the quote.

Ultimately, you’ll need to invest good money in a solid AV system, but in the end, it will cost far less than the consequences of a bad AV system.

3. Less interference from wireless mics

Wireless microphones are great because they allow you to wander around without being attached to a cord. However, since they work on standard radio frequencies, you can experience interference from other nearby groups using mics on the same frequency.

When you hire a professional AV team to set up your system, they’ll make sure you have high-quality, wireless mics to start with. Then, they’ll train you on how to use those mics to avoid interference. For example, they’ll make sure you know to keep plenty of new batteries on hand, backup wireless mics ready at all times, and also wired mics already attached to your podium just in case all your wireless options fail.

4. You’ll avoid common volume issues

There’s nothing easy about running sound. It’s not something you can pick up over the weekend and become good at in just a few hours. It takes a lot of time, practice, and experimenting to understand how everything works.

You could have the best AV equipment in the world and if it’s not set up properly, or if you don’t know how to use it, it can sound terrible.

A professional AV company will make sure you have the best equipment for your budget and they’ll train you on how to make it work.

Where does your AV setup need improvement?

Are you experiencing feedback or flickering screens? Maybe your mics are failing and you don’t know why. Whatever the case, your best bet is to connect with a professional AV company and have the pros install a proper setup to meet all your audiovisual needs.