Using Instagram Features For Your Marketing Strategy

In terms of marketing, trend change as fast as days pass, and marketers need to adapt to them if they wish their business to stand in the crowd. And social media marketing is no different.

Today, I’m sharing some Instagram marketing tactics and strategies and the features that you need in order to implement them.

1. Instagram Stories Ads

After the launching of Instagram Stories, the social media app now also allows advertisers and marketers to create an Instagram Stories Ads. This15-second ad with photos or videos run between Instagram stories that your followers tend to watch every day.

Social media influencer agencies which have already used these ads already saw an increase in their sale and revenue. For now, these ads are a great way to grow brand awareness.

2. Photo Ads

Next, we have photo ads. One of the features that this social media network offers is Instagram Ads that are linked to Facebook ads. So, other than posting pictures of your products you can also create ads for them where you can also link them to your site and tag products in order to increase sales and brand awareness.

3. Multiple videos and photos

Another feature that is quite helpful for your marketing strategies is to be able to post multiple videos and photos in one post.

You can use this feature to showcase your team that personalizes your business and makes people more attached to it, present artworks if you are a photographer, painter, or a designer or show behind-the-scenes of your items or products so people can trust you more.

4. “See All” Suggested Users

If you are trying to grow your Instagram account, then you might want to grow your followers. To do that, you might want to connect with influencers to promote your brand and products and define a creative campaign to match both their style and yours. Searching for influencers one by one, however, can be quite frustrating and time-consuming.

Fortunately, this feature is going to make that process easier. In the past, clicking the down arrow next to the follow button, Instagram will suggest 3 different accounts which are similar to the one that you are currently viewing. However, now, this feature allows you to see even more and you can see a list of 15+ accounts which are somehow related to the one you are looking at.

5. Follow From Search

Want followers? Well, of course, you do!

Now, Instagram has this feature that allows you to follow accounts straight from the search page. If you have a concise and clear username with descriptive headlines, then the chance of you being followed from search improves. Now, users do not even need to see your feed before they decide to follow you. If you need more followers, then Famoid is the best way to buy Instagram followers in 2019. This social media service offer you real and active Instagram users by promoting you on various social platforms so that you can gain organic followers on Instagram more easily.