Keeping The Office Together And Clients Happy During This Pandemic

Running digital marketing agencies can be quite challenging yet rewarding when generating results for clients. Our team decided to go with the remote working option and has done so for over a year. Keeping employees close while morale remains high and client satisfaction has been achieved. With people in a work environment like never before, the fact that everyone stepped up is a great revelation. There are some that couldn’t thrive in this environment though as some do need management to hover over them to stay productive. Below are things we have done to foster employee engagement and keep clients happy during this pandemic. 

Office Book Clubs

Book clubs can be a great way to discuss something amongst coworkers. Our team picked various marketing books to take on and other books on productivity. People can present what they learned from a chapter and teach others via a video call. Building a team environment can help with collaboration and communication on projects. In today’s world, communication needs to be seamless as you cannot walk across the office to ask someone something directly. 

Friday Holiday Parties 

Holiday parties can be a great way for people to catch up personally. Playing games like trivia on the staff can be a fun way to compete and test knowledge of each other. This not only can allow coworkers that have worked with each other for years to get to know each other better but also new coworkers. Sending out gift card codes for delivery food was the route taken by our company. Pizzas were delivered in the past but some employees live in remote areas without UberEats or DoorDash. Not everything should be about productivity as social interaction among coworkers is still important. 

Meeting In The Office With Certain Clients 

There were clients that wanted to meet in the office to discuss their campaigns utilizing social distancing. Some people want to be able to read a physical contract before signing or go over numbers in person rather than on a Zoom call. Other clients might have wanted to talk in person about reducing their spending for a few months until businesses recovered. Our company understood this as we worked with a number of businesses that were impacted negatively by the pandemic. 

Adding Employees From Across The Country 

The remote work push allowed us to find employees full-time from across the country. Our utilization of the TeamWork App makes it easy to keep track of employees and can keep everyone on track. Not wondering what is on your agenda can allow an employee to be productive as soon as they log onto their computer. Expanding has become easier in terms of services offered as the talent pool is no longer limited to the local area. Whether we are offering web design or internet marketing services, we have stayed organized. 

Keeping staff close in terms of personal rapport is something that should be focused on. People enjoy working with those they consider friends and this translates to treating clients well. Morale in the office and keeping clients happy has to be kept in a delicate balance.