The Only Mint Mobile Review You Will Ever Need to Read

With the never-ending use of data, people are always looking for reasonable prepaid plans for their phones. If you have not still found the perfect prepaid carrier service, do not worry because today I will brief you about America’s top-selling carrier service, Mint Mobile. Mint mobile is an inexpensive carrier service that is helping many people with their mobile phone plans. I have recently started using Mint Mobile, and if you want to know my experience with it, then go ahead and read my illuminating mint mobile review.

What is The Hype All About?

It has been a couple of months since I have been using Mint Mobile, and all I can say it has worked wonders for me in many ways. I have been struggling with my student loans for a long time, and it gets difficult to pay for other commercial things, but because of Mint mobile’s three-month introductory plan, I was able to afford the best carrier service. The 3-month introductory plan cost me 45$, so I had to pay 15$ per month, which was more than perfect.

What I Enjoyed

Unlimited Speed

I am always watching videos or movies on my phone, and whenever I watch anything, speed issues never interrupt me. Mint mobile has the fastest data speed ever in which you can watch and upload unlimited videos. I also never faced any whenever while using local websites or navigations.

Pricing Plans

Mint mobile pricing plans are what really attracted me to use this service. Mint mobile does not have a normal monthly plan option, but it has even better data and pricing plans from which you can choose form. The plans are either for three months, six months, or twelve months. The price of each plan differs from the amount of data you are going for. For instance If you opt for the three-month plan for 12GB of 4G LTE you will only have to pay 75$.

Active Customer Service

 Mint mobile’s customer services are available 24/7. I have never gotten a reason to get in touch with the customer service, but I do know if I ever need to, I can easily access them through phone lines, online live chats, or emails.

Speedy Activation Process

It took me only 15 minutes to activate mint mobile services on my phone. I did it with the help of the activation kit that you can sign up for. The process is extremely easy and basic.

Unlimited Calls and Texts 

The quality of the calls is amazing, and you can send unlimited text messages without any interruption. 

What I Disliked

Less Coverage

The only thing I had an issue with was using my phone in rushy places such as stores and concerts. The internet speed does not comply with many areas, which is a bit annoying but is manageable for me.

Final Thoughts

I hope my Mint mobile review has encouraged you all more to attain this efficient carrier service. I am sure that you will thoroughly enjoy the fast speed, quality, and reasonable price that come along with Mint mobile. So hurry and sign up for a Mint mobile experience. 

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