Mobile Technology Changing Consultancies

Josh Nass Strategies and other similar consultancies are finding themselves needing to adapt to changes in mobile technological advancement that are happening at an incredibly high speed. The entire consulting industry has changed the way media relations is viewed and defined. There are numerous reasons for this that we’ll elaborate on, shortly.

In the consulting industry, Josh Nass Strategies has been a reliable set of advisers for different test cases that emerging companies have had, as they navigate the new technological world and arena. The changes that are happening are happening at a vast and rapid pace. There’s no doubting the difficulty this presents to brick and mortar businesses who are set and even fixated on the antiquated and backward times of yesterday.

But change and innovation can also spark growth, curiosity and optimism. The changes that are happening in some industries for example, although they require immediate adaptation, have harnessed tremendous up-side growth in sales and other avenues of revenue generation that otherwise would never have been made available.

For instance, when one looks at the emerging technology space – and in particular the e-commerce space; the space was an alternative that was developed in a response to the struggle retailers were exhibiting in an effort to be able to continue generating consistent cashflow and revenue for their businesses.

But lay and behold the emergence of behemoths in the e-commerce space such as Amazon, Alibaba and other similar platforms that have been able to leverage these changes to their advantage. These e-commerce juggernauts would never have been able to succeed the ways in which they have, because there would never have been a purpose for their creation in the first place. But these changes created a need for them.

And that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship. Creating a need that is untapped that needs to be filled. You fill that need and provide a remedy to the necessity and there will be opportunity for all to have. This is what we’ve seen in response to the changes in mobile technology. Its rapid pace shows no signs of slowing down.