Mobile vs Desktop Advertising: Why You Need a New Strategy

It goes without saying that, nowadays, people use both desktop and mobile devices for their daily browsing and product/ service research. In fact, you may have several apps related to a certain brand/ seller that you access whenever you want to see any discounts or offers.

What does this mean?

This means that advertisers and publishers now have a harder time creating marketing/ advertising strategies that will bring them success, because they have to address two different platforms – mobile and desktop.

However, advertising agencies like AdMaven have strategies specially designed for both of the mentioned platforms – they can help publishers find high-quality, relevant ads for their websites and advertisers make the most out of their ads! In the end, each method can be used at its full potential with the help of such agencies.

Mobile and Desktop Advertising

Obviously, it’s not about the battle between mobile and desktop but about their synergy.

As such, even if there are differences between the two platforms that require you to come up with two different advertising strategies, the hard truth is that you’ll have to incorporate both of them in order to ensure the success of your campaign!

Moreover, while mobile is gaining more and more adepts, you must also understand that desktop advertising is here to stay and will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Mobile Marketing and Direct Phone Calls

Believe it or not, when it comes to interacting with possible customers via a mobile device, it is much better if they are provided with an option that allows them to directly call your company.

In short, you can add a feature that, instead of sending a customer to your landing page, will simply initiate a direct phone call to your customer service department. Information suggests that the lack of one step – namely, searching for your company’s phone number – is key when it comes to marketing messages that impact people.

Mobile Users and Engagement

It was shown that the use of mobile devices comes with better results than desktop usage, mainly because a video on a mobile device is more viewable and text context doesn’t feature any annoying distractions.

Basically, consumers/ clients usually feel more personally connected to their mobile devices than to their desktops, thus making it easier for a mobile advertising campaign to influence a potential customer.

This, in the end, is the main cause of an increased engagement due to a proper mobile advertising strategy.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it goes without saying that you need a new strategy to promote your brand/ company. At the same time, you mustn’t send more resources to a single type of advertising – mobile or desktop.

While mobile may come with better results lately, the use of desktop devices is still one of the main generators of ad revenue – probably because a website in its desktop view can fit more ads onto his page.

Nevertheless, it is clear that a company, in order to maximize their online presence and enhance their brand, must approach both mobile and desktop advertising strategies – as well as change their current ones to fit new trends!