Emotional Reactions of Business Owners to COVID

Small business owners like Josh Nass have tried their best to ensure their staffs, colleagues and associates are not viewing any significant changes due to the pandemic. In fact, many business owners have tried their best to maintain a veneer of stability during these chaotic times; and it’s obvious why.

In the end of the day, it’s in the interest of any business owner to try to maintain calm, peace and ease during such turbulent times. There’s little doubt that chaos can lead to bad decision-making on the part of business owners and their subordinates.

For that reason, during chaotic times, it is pivotal that business owners present themselves as exuding stability. Ultimately in many commercially driven operations, the line is drawn in the way the operation is top-down. That’s how it typically functions. If the executive like Josh Nass is therefore communicating to his staff in a way that engenders confidence, the business will thrive throughout.