MAGFAST Charger Shows the Tremendous Enthusiasm That the Public Has for This Innovative Device Charging Solution

Since MAGFAST launched in 2018, the company has been taking
off quickly thanks to its revolutionary cordless charging device family. Public
interest in this innovative new way to charge mobile devices has been
tremendous. MAGFAST’s team of experts has been working hard in crowdfunding as
well as product development, and this has yielded some impressive results.

In a recent crowdfunding effort, it took just shy of fifteen
minutes for the goal of $300,000 to be reached, and the total stands at just
over 1.6 million. This is a sure sign that MAGFAST’S chargers are something
that today’s consumer public wants.

The story of the creation of this unique line of cordless, magnet-based chargers began in 2013 when MAGFAST company founder, Seymour Segnit, put his background in engineering to use and created a prototype designed to alleviate some of his growing frustration over the current state of device charging.

It All Started with Founder Seymour Segnit’s
Desire to Find a Better Way

Like many people these days, Seymour Segnit found himself
utilizing an increasing number of mobile devices throughout the day. He was starting
to get tired of the constant need to carry multiple charging cords around and
wanted to solve this issue.

To do so, Seymour put his University of Oxford engineering
background to use and created the first MAGFAST charger prototype. Since that
time, he has been tirelessly working to find ways to get this product out to
the general public.

Device Charging Without the Traditional

Device charging has become a hassle due to the significant rise in the number of mobile devices used today, and this number is only expected to increase. We generally carry around a bundle of different cables to keep all our devices charged, but that is now changing with the advent of MAGFAST innovative cordless charging system. The family of chargers comes in six convenient models that are perfect for the common situations of today.

The days of twisted up, damaged, and lost charging cables are now gone with the MAGFAST line of wireless chargers, which the public has already shown a great amount of support for through its crowdfunding campaign.