How Businesses Can Deal With Poor Lead Generation Online

One of the first lessons that all new business leaders must learn is that not every lead is a good lead. Yes, content that drives a lot of traffic to a website can be extremely beneficial. However, high volume doesn’t necessarily indicate high conversion or high sales. In fact, generating lots of low-quality leads can actually cost your business in terms of spoiled data, ad spend, and customer-service expenses. With that in mind, here are four tips that companies can use to amend a broken lead pipeline: 

Review Your Keyword Strategy

Mark Twain once said that the difference between the “almost right word” and the “right word” is a large matter. “It’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Modern marketers should take this quote to heart. Indeed, consumers often search for long-tail keywords when they’re looking for particular products or services. As such, companies should embrace industry-specific keywords and phrases. Don’t be afraid to optimize pages for “road barricades” instead of “barricades,” or “prescription sunglasses” instead of “sunglasses.” Being more accurate with your keyword choices might reduce lead volume, but it will ensure lead quality. 

Explore New Platforms

While some companies may struggle to produce the right message, others simply aren’t using the best platform to deliver it. After all, if you advertise regularly on Facebook, but most of your best customers use LinkedIn, then you won’t have much success –– even if your content is on point. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for businesses seeking better lead conversion to explore new digital platforms. 

Update Your Site

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a qualified lead at the last moment. Yet, plenty of businesses miss out on sales because of an outdated site or ecommerce store. If you haven’t updated or upgraded your company’s website in a few years, then it might be beneficial to tweak your design or layout. Also, always check for bugs or errors on your site pages on a regular basis. Failing to achieve a sale because of a technical issue is almost unforgivable. 

Align Your Teams

Marketing and sales professionals –– though connected in many ways –– may not collaborate with each other all that closely. That’s especially true for companies that outsource their marketing services. If your business has had trouble closing the deal with leads who reach your sales team, then consider scheduling meetings between your marketing and sales departments. Doing so will enable sales pros and marketers to get on the same page and work toward the same goals.