Easy ways to drive traffic to your website

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The lifeblood of any website is the audience. Quite simply, if there is no traffic through your portal then there is no chance to achieve your objectives – whatever they may be. For anyone who operates a website, the goals are likely to be one of a handful of things: monetize the platform through advertising, drive sales or convey a message of some sort. Broadly speaking those are the three main focus areas for people running websites, and, none of them can work or be attained if there is no traffic on the site. So how do you get that traffic? Here are some simple ideas to get you going.

Buy audience

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to get people to your site is through the use of Google ads. By purchasing certain keywords that are relevant to your website your advertisement will appear as a paid link at the top of a list of search results. This is a highly visible spot, and what is even better, is that these campaigns tend to be run on a CPC (cost per click) basis. This means that you are only billed if a potential user actually clicks on the advertisement. 

Optimise for search

Another very good way to drive traffic is to ensure that your website is properly optimised for search. This is a complicated process that requires as many as 200 different touchpoints to be taken care of. A well-optimised site will have regular updates with original content, it will be indexed and meta-tagged, there will be links (both inbound and outbound), domain authority will be checked, technical set-up and mobile optimization covered. It is a complicated process probably best-taken care of by outsourcing to a SEO agency Sydney has many to choose from. These are experts in their field, and they will do plenty to ensure that your site sits ate the top of the Google results list. 


You need to find ways to get people to visit your site and one of these is by offering discounts or promotions. Try to be strategic about this approach. Perhaps for every follow that you get on Twitter or Facebook you offer a discount on the next purchase. Simple things that generate exposure for you and which ultimately cost you nothing but a discount. Raffles for people signing up to your newsletter, prizes for people referring friends. Or free items for VIP with every purchase that they complete. Whatever it is, find a way to entice users into the system and then transact with them.

Points of contact   

Regular points of contact or touch-points are critical. This means that you should generate social media followings and then communicate via those channels. Regularly send out newsletters as well. Topical updates with calls to action that will bring users back to your site. Remember, your primary channel is the website, this is where you have set conversion goals and where you are generating your income – the social media and newsletter channels are auxiliary channels for driving people to your site. At no point should the auxiliary channels overtake the website and become the primary means of communication.