Best Accessories for Your Cell Phone

Wireless earphones

If you have a cell phone, you need ear phones. Most cell phones come with earphones in the box, but they are usually not the best quality. The latest chargeable wireless earphones not only give you the chance to listen to great music in stereo sound, but also the freedom to move around without being worried about getting tangled up. It also allows you to listen to music on your phone without having to hold your phone. 

Charging Cords

We all know the pain of a charger cord splitting or breaking right when we are in desperate need. We also know the agony of wanting to play with our phones in bed, but the charging cable doesn’t quite reach. By purchasing a charger cord that is 5- or 6-foot and is made from braided material rather than plastic, you will overcome both of these issues. You will thank yourself. 

Phone Cases

Phone cases are just as essential as earphones and charging cords. They provide style and protection to your cell phone so that instead of spending money on repairing smashed phone screens, you can spend the money on new accessories. Cell phone cases come in all styles and colors. A perfect example, check out this collection of Google Pixel 3a XL cases.

Gaming Controller

Playing games is one of the main activities people do on their phones, if not the main activity. Some games can be enjoyed with just a finger, but others may need more. A Game Controller answers that need. Using a game controller while playing certain games may also help in preventing RSI injuries that are common in those who use their cell phone regularly. 

Car Cradle/Mount

If you spend a lot of time in your car for work or pleasure, a car mount is an essential accessory. Car mounts make using your phone while driving safer*. Car cradles and mounts stick to the dashboard of the car or the window, some even can be inserted into the vent for a more secure hold. Using your GPS to find where you are headed will be much easier now. Find a range of cradles and mounts here on Amazon. 

*Check your local laws on the legality of car mount usage during driving. 

Camera Kit

Phone cameras are improving each day. But there are limits due to form factor. A professional photographer, or even an amateur, can use a kit to get more unique photos. A camera kit containing a macro lens allows close-up photos, while a telephoto lens allows for extreme distance images. Some kits only come with one lens, but others like the Bostioneye Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit comes with 8 different lenses for a multitude of options. 

All of these accessories are great to buy yourself or as a gift. For ideas on other technology you can give as gifts, or just buy for yourself, visit here.