The Future of Mobile Technology

Josh Nass has a keen understanding of the ways by which the mobile technology advancements and inventions of the last quarter century and decade are revolutionizing the way so many industries are operating. The changes that have come to the entertainment industry in particular, have been incredibly dramatic. We’ve especially seen the way this has been felt on the part of those in the entertainment industry – including DJs, producers and event promoters.

According to disc jockeys like Josh Nass, this is a trend that could have been properly forecasted, if there was proper foresight and protocols in place in order to accomplish this adaptation. Adaptation is the key to ensuring that industries are not falling behind the technological advances taking place around them.

There are some brick and mortar businesses across industries such as the retail industry for example, that have indeed suffered the consequences of not seeking to conduct adaptation to the current technological norms, in an efficient and expeditious enough manner. And the consequences they have suffered in some cases, have proven devastating and even fatal for their businesses.

This is a sad result of a lack of understanding of the rapid pace at which innovation and creativity is taking place. The velocity with which these changes are happening, are nothing short of remarkable. And they are being expedited by advances that are happening in parallel in the mobile and technological spaces and industries.

We’ve seen brick and mortar shops in the retail industry by example, suffer tremendously, as consumers continue migrating to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, AliBaba and others like it , in order to shop and purchase clothing and fulfill their clothing needs. But they are also using these ecommerce platforms for other needs they have for purchasing and related items.

This is something that simply isn’t a narrative that’s shared and told over as much as it ought to be. And this emerging trend and changes that continue developing are only the beginning of what seems to be a fundamental change in the ways business is conducted. Retail transactions and the like are officially taking place technologically. With the current health pandemic, there’s of course good reason for it . The advantages associated with such transactions at distance, are clear and understandable.

First of all, of course it’s clear that such transactions are in full compliance with the social distancing guidelines that are in place; some of which are mandated by the individual states – others of which are guidelines imposed on a national level. There’s no exposure that one can have when purchasing something technologically or virtually.

This added safety net during this time has been of great use when marketing digitally and in the virtual world. There’s no hand-to-hand transmission or anything of the like – and that’s an effect that is real and important to recognize. THe other thing that’s relevant to this conversation is the way the entertainment industry has unfortunately been struck.

There simply has not been enough of an effort on the part of disc jockeys, radio hosts, programmers and producers to change according to the circumstances that continue evolving. This is an unfortunate reality; but what that needs to be recognized and accepted.

Josh Nass is a South Dakota based disc jockey who recognizes the changes that have come to the technology space; and the way they have affected the entertainment industry, more broadly.