Making Your Own Ice Cream at Home

Ice cream is a great dessert that a lot of people around the world have enjoyed for years and years. With that said, sometimes it just isn’t worth the price, or has ingredients that you may be allergic to, or just want to avoid in general. This can make it really hard to enjoy the great dessert, since there aren’t a lot of places that make allergy free ice cream. Of course, you might also just be interested in how to make it on your own for no particular reason, and just think it might be a fun project! Whatever your reasoning may be, making ice cream is definitely doable on your own, and you really don’t need much!

When it comes to making ice cream, there are tons of recipes online that are easy to get your hands on. So we’ll just go over the basics here. First off, you’ll need ice. A lot of ice. This is going to be how you make your ice cream, well, ice cream. With the ice, most people also use salt, to help lower the temperature even more. So make sure you have plenty of ice and salt on hand.

Next off, you’ll need some bowls, or an ice cream maker, and a decent amount of cream. Now, if you wanted to make unflavored ice cream, you could theoretically stop here and just use the ice and cream to make a very generic ice cream, but I personally wouldn’t suggest that, so you’ll need some flavorings.

Obviously, some sort of sugar or syrup, unless you’re trying to avoid those. Syrup can sometimes be a good choice over sugar, since you can get a flavored syrup that will take care of that part for you. For example, a strawberry syrup.

However, if not, you’ll still need a flavor. A lot of people opt for essential oils, which are a great way to get some added vitamins and minerals in, and get some unique flavors you might not be able to obtain otherwise. You can also use fruits in this stage, which will give  you a more natural feel and taste to your ice cream! 

Add in some CBD oil while your at it for an easy health boost to go along with your great flavors. There are many people who have lots of questions about CBD, good companies have great CBD FAQ pages detailing answers to many of them. Do some research to find reputable brands.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter too much what ingredients you choose to use, but there’s always a second chance! Make a couple different batches, and find out what does and doesn’t work for you.