Having A Team On Demand Is The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

So, your business is taking off, and now it’s time to make things official with a logo—great! Unless that business happens to be a design studio, you’ve probably already figured out that it’s best to leave this to a professional, so you are now trying to find a logo designer to create that perfect image that embodies the brand and values of your company.

You’re in luck: it’s never been easier to find and hire a graphic designer online. But for anyone who’s done it before, you know it’s not as simple as scrolling through an Instagram feed and double tapping your favorites.

As irony would have it, it’s exactly the abundance of online graphic designers, portfolios and design styles that poses a challenge. It can be a headache to filter through the noise and find the perfect one for you. Especially to the design-untrained eye, the nuances and differences can be easily lost.

One way to cut down on the endless choices is to hire a company like Flocksy. They deliver professional graphic designs at affordable prices. Need a logo or business card design fast? Designers at Flocksy usually finish projects within 24 hours. Take the stress out of choosing designers and let Flocksy find the best in the world for you. 

Regardless of how you decide to pick a graphic designer, there are certain things you should look for. How do you find someone who’s qualified to do the job for you? More importantly – who you can trust to take care of your brand and business, and respect it like they would their own? Here are seven things to consider when looking for a graphic designer.

1. Portfolio: A graphic designer without a website is a red flag. Make sure they have an online portfolio that you like. See if their previous works is in line with the style you’re going for. Notice if that designer is versatile or if all of their work looks the same. Does their overall website have the level of quality you are looking for?

2. Personality: The portfolio is important but don’t rely on that alone. Have an actual conversation with the designer and see if you get a good vibe from them. You can video chat, meet for lunch, or just speak on the phone. Chances are you’re going to be working together for a while, so you want to make sure you have the right chemistry. Ask them what inspired the creative choices from your favorite projects in their portfolio. Ask them about their process and how they would approach your needs. 

3. Reviews: Testimonials and reviews from other people are also useful when reviewing candidates for your designs. They convey authenticity and sincerity since they come from people who have previously worked with the designer. Glowing testimonials have the ability to reduce any worries you might have over the designer’s ability to meet your design needs. They also provide insight to the communication skills, work ethics, and credibility of the designer.

4. Open-Minded: When talking to a designer make sure you know what you want and what skills you are looking for. Share as many details as possible about your project and see how open the designer is to your ideas. If you find that your designer is not really listening to what you want is relentlessly trying to sway you away from your vision, it is possible this designer doesn’t know how to do what you are asking them for. Work with someone who is willing to accommodate to your needs. 

5. Experience: An experienced designer has great conceptual skills which can turn vague ideas and abstract concepts into grounded realities that are even better than the ones you have imagined in your head. They have worked with a variety of clients in various industries and have a fine-tuned workflow which produces high quality results. Experience helps to build skills, confidence and knowledge. A designer that has a lot of experience will be more likely to meet your needs and follow through with your designs.

6. Passionate: It is really apparent when something is done with love. When speaking to your designer, see how excited they are; how much enthusiasm you can detect in their voice. It’s important to work with people that cares as much about your project as you do. The people that share your passion are the ones that are going to help you the most. 

7. Reliability: An awesome portfolio, a great personality, and experience mean nothing if your designer is not reliable. You need more than just talent to get a job done, you need accountability, efficiency, and responsibility. Be clear with your designer about your deadlines and go with someone who will respect and meet those deadlines. 

No marketing plan can succeed without a creative presence that distinguishes you from your competitors, promotes your value and resonates in your market. It’s vital that you work with a graphic designer who can help you make your mark with an identity that looks smart, engages your audience and drives them to act.