The Benefits Of a First Aid Kit In The Office And What To Have In There.

When people want to start up a new business, they will have a list of things that they need to do, and a list of things that they need to buy. All of the normal things that you would expect to see in a business office will be there, but most of the time businesses forget about one essential item, that all offices need to have. I am, of course, talking about the first aid kit and it is a mandated requirement to have one by the Australian government, if you wish to do business. However, it usually needs to be pointed out to the business owner, when the business undergoes an inspection, before it can open.

It needs restocking.

When the first aid kit is purchased, it normally comes in a large white box that is easy to identify, and inside will contain all of the necessary things, that you need in the case of a small accident. However, if there hasn’t been an office accident in a while, or not at all, this first aid kit is constantly neglected and items in there that need to be updated on a regular basis, are not. It is important that the first aid kit is replenished in the unlikely case that you do experience an accident in the workplace.

Where to buy one.

Many people would have no idea where to find such a first aid kid, but believe it or not, you will find one fully stocked at your local stationery supplier. If you are unsure about where to locate one, have a look here at and there you will find everything that you need and more. Here are some of the things that you will need to stock in your first aid kit.

1. Gauze pads & gauze roller bandages – It is important that you get a wide selection of both of these. They both come in different sizes to deal with many different kinds of situations.

2. Adhesive bandages – These are one of the things that you will probably get to use on a regular basis. Small things like paper cuts and staff stapling their fingers while distracted by something else, are common. A quick adhesive bandage on there, and everything should be fine.

3. Wound cleaning supplies – If someone does cut themselves on the job, it is important to get it cleaned as soon as possible, to stop infection. You should have a good supply of moistened towelettes, some cotton balls, and hydrogen peroxide, that will properly clean up the wound.

4. Other items – Some latex gloves, tweezers, a pair of scissors, and some resuscitation equipment, are also essential items that your first aid kit needs to have.

It’s better to be safe than sorry in the workplace, and as much as you try to avoid them, work accidents will occur. Once you have the necessary first aid kit in place, you will be able to handle the situation until more professional help arrives.