Are You Working Too Hard To Afford Your Phone?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is the latest flagship range launched by Samsung, the South Korean company. They launched it at a price of $799 for the 128GB model in the United States of America. However, you have to keep in mind the price is different for every consumer living in various parts of the world. 

As we know that all countries have varying levels of tax rates, income, expenses and all these factors are taken into account before determining the price of a smartphone in a particular country. Manufacturers also consider how long the people of a country might take to purchase their product. 

Are you a citizen of Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Japan, or Switzerland? No matter where you are based, you must be wondering about the cost of this smartphone in your country and whether or not you’ll be able to afford it. Unless a phone becomes affordable in your country, you have to work hard in order to own it. How many hours would you have to work in order to afford the latest and greatest flagship phones of Samsung? Keep reading to know more. 

People living in Switzerland won’t have to work much to own a Galaxy S22

A study done by Money Supermarket revealed that if you’re a resident of Switzerland, you just have to work for a period of 34 hours if you want to own a Galaxy S22. How has this information been compiled? Well, this information has been determined by keeping in mind the average daily salary of a person while excluding the tax paid on each handset. 

If you have to calculate in terms of days, the average individual in Switzerland has to work for 4 days in order to own this smartphone. Hence, it becomes an easy purchase for the Swiss people. This even makes it easier for an average Swiss to own a Galaxy S series phone every year. 

Is the story same for people in other countries?

Unfortunately, the story is not the same for customers who live in other countries. For example, if you’re someone living in Egypt, you got to work for a whopping 1095 hours or 138 days to be the proud owner of a Galaxy S22. 

On the other hand, people who living in Philippines, Ukraine, and Indonesia even don’t have it easier. They too have to work extremely hard in order to own the Samsung Galaxy S22. Don’t be surprised if you find Samsung promoting their phones aggressively in these countries. In case you have been a resident of a developed nation, things can get easier to keep the affordability in question. 

Is it worth buying the Galaxy S22 series?

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra earned a reward from their customers as the best phone of 2021. If you take into account the Galaxy Note phones, they have been the winners 3 years in a row before the inevitable performance of Galaxy S22 Ultra. Considering the sales and performance of Galaxy S22, this year is again going to be a phenomenal year for Samsung Galaxy S22. 

If you’ve been a lover of Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus, you can be sure that you’ll love the S22 series too. In fact, there hasn’t been even a year when the Galaxy S series wasn’t a hit with both the readers and critics. 

Therefore, if you’re eager to get yourself a Galaxy S device with an S Pen inside the box, you need to work hard for it. Based on the country you’re living in; you have to decide the number of hours you have to work in order to own a phone.