4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Propose

You run around every day with the immense power of this tiny little machine in your pocket, and some of us never fully realize the potential of our smartphones.  It’s called a smartphone for a reason.

There are plenty of clever things your smartphone can do to help you through the everyday challenges you face, but there are also ways your phone can help you in special situations.  You may have never connected the two, but your smartphone could be the key to your perfect engagement proposal.

Read on, and take the time to check out some suggestions that will help you to work smarter (not harder) on the big proposal.  

GPS navigational options

The GPS navigation options on your smartphone can do more than just get you to an unknown destination.  Navigating your way to a marriage proposal is one of the most recent ways in which people are using their smartphones to propose.   

One man plotted out a running path for him and his active partner which ended at the place where they first met.  He then presented her with the screenshot of the finished route that spelled out, “Marry me?”

Engagement ring phone case

RokShok recently released the world’s first cell phone case that doubles as an engagement ring holder.  It is a very slim-fitting phone case that won’t have your partner wondering about your plans.

Surprise that special someone, and catch their reaction on your smartphone’s video recorder.  The case is made in such a way that it presents the ring when you open it up.  When the special moment arrives, you’ll be ready.  

Music will help set the mood

One of the best uses of a smartphone is to play music.  There’s no need to carry around a bulky radio that eats through batteries.  Just use your smartphone to create the most romantic playlist for the most romantic night of your life.  

If you’re not the best at formulating a compilation of music that will project just what you’re feeling, there are plenty of mobile apps to help you.  Just check out the options offered on Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.  

Marriage proposal app

There’s a new mobile app that will help you generate a unique proposal.  The Marriage Proposal Pal will generate ideas after asking you a few questions about the nature of your relationship.  Cater your idea lists to things you and your partner enjoy with just a few clicks.

The ultimate aim of the apps creator was to give men and women the courage and confidence to put themselves out there, and create a successful plan for proposal.  Make sure they say, “YES,” and let your smartphone help.