How to Get the Instagram Followers Boost Your Brand Needs

Does your brand need an Instagram followers boost? Getting more followers on Instagram is important for businesses and ecommerce brands: it makes you look credible and gives you opportunities to engage with potential customers, ultimately driving more web traffic and more sales.

Here are the top six tips to get the Instagram followers boost your brand might need.

Instagram Growth Service

An Instagram growth service is one of the best ways to get more followers. Look for a service that focuses on organic growth and real followers, and you’ll be able to grow the reach of your account. 

One good example is Kicksta; Kicksta is a tool that can give your account an Instagram followers boost. You tell Kicksta your target audience, Kicksta uses your account to interact with the type of users you’d like to attract, and those users come back to check out your profile. Kicksta is a good fit for any industry, and while growth will be slow rather than explosive, it will be steady. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way for more Instagram users to find your account; since people can follow hashtags on Instagram, that means even users who don’t follow you can find your profile. Hashtags only work, however, if you’re using tags that are relevant to your brand.

How do you determine which hashtags are right for you? Take note of the hashtags your competitors are using. Think about what hashtags will explain your business (#tshirtshop), but try to choose hashtags that don’t have hundreds of thousands of posts (#tshirtsmen).

After you’ve selected some hashtags, try them out. You can see how well they’re working by looking at your Instagram insights for a certain post; your insights will show you how many impressions on that post came from the hashtags you used. Then you can adjust your hashtags, if necessary, to get the Instagram followers boost you need.

(Here’s a bonus tip regarding hashtags: Add some line breaks in your caption so your hashtags are visually separated from the caption itself.)

Get On Top of Trends

Keep an eye out for what’s trending in your industry and use that to your advantage. Maybe you sell a course to teach new photographers how to use their cameras; every so often, take a photo that’s gone viral and break it down on your social media. The buzzworthy image will draw people in, and your analysis of the camera settings used can provide real value to your followers.

In addition to staying on top of what’s popular in your specific industry, jump onto broader trends, too — find ways to tie your posts into the latest Netflix release, or whatever national holiday is coming up next.

For example, this San Diego restaurant capitalized on the Comi Con 2019 Conference by tagging their account and hashtag in their story.

Optimize Your Bio

Your bio, the section at the top of your profile, is important; when someone clicks into your profile, it’s probably the first impression they’ll get of your brand. You can make that impression a good one by doing a few key things. First, make sure to clearly explain who your brand is and what you do, but don’t forget to add some personality and flair (even humor, if appropriate).

Second, you can include special characters in your Instagram bio. Open a Microsoft Word document on your computer and select “insert” and then “advanced symbol;” choose the symbol you want, drop it into the Word doc, and then copy and paste it into your bio. This is a lesser-known way to spice up the bio section of your Instagram account.

Finally, many brands overlook the importance of SEO keywords in an Instagram bio. Include your main keyword in your Instagram name, and drop several keywords (ideally in the form of hashtags) into your bio copy. Since your bio is one of the few parts of an Instagram profile that’s crawlable by search engines, this is a good way to get an Instagram followers boost.

Create Shareable Content

One of the best ways to get more Instagram followers is through word of mouth — your current followers sharing your content with their friends. You can focus on creating shareable content by writing captions that encourage people to tag a friend and by posting relatable, funny graphics that people might want to share on their Instagram Story or via private message.

Post Unique Visual Stories

Here’s a little-known Instagram hack you might not know about: You can choose a custom color on Instagram Stories. Open a story and tap the brush tool; several color options will pop up at the bottom of the screen. 

Tap one of them and hold. A full-scale color gradient will appear, and you can drag your finger around to create a custom color that matches your branding and helps your stories stand out. (To save a color and use it again later as a story background, screenshot.)

You can also add custom colors to text on your story. To do this, type some text on your story and hold your finger down on the color picker until the gradient pops up. “Select all” to highlight your text; then, just like before, play around until you’ve found a custom color you want.

Getting an Instagram followers boost isn’t hard when you know the right things to do. Now, you can implement these tips and enjoy more followers for your brand.