5 Fun Birthday Themes For Kids

They say that the only constants in life are death and taxes. That line neglects birthdays.  Every day is always someone’s birthday. It’s always birthday season and so long as humans walk the earth, there will always be birthdays. The global health crisis means that we have been celebrating birthdays a bit differently over the last year or so. Before throwing a birthday party, it’s important to consider the Centre for Disease Control’s guidance for holding in-person events. In this article, we will discuss 5 fun birthday themes for kids. A lot of these can be repurposed for virtual birthday parties too! 

Movie Night

Everyone loves a good movie. There’s something magical about going to the cinema to watch a movie, popcorn in hand, the big, silver screen in front of you. Bringing that magic into your home is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. You can set up a portable movie projector with a screen or sheet, somewhere cozy, with loads of snacks. You could either get a traditional cake or have a candy station or cake pops. And of course, you have to have popcorn. 

If it;s the summer, you could have the party outside, under the stars. 

The final ingredient is the movie itself. There are plenty of wonderful family movies you can choose from. Once you’ve got all your ingredients, you can call over your child’s friends and treat them to a night at the movies. 

Unicorn Soiree

Unicorns are a child’s best fantasy friend. They have become very popular in recent years. There’s hardly a party that doesn’t have a unicorn or a child wondering when a unicorn will turn up. If you want to really impress your child and their friend’s, how about a unicorn soiree. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. For starters, you don;t need an actual unicorn. You can get decor featuring unicorns from your nearest dollar store or Target. Throw in glitter backdrops and cups and plates painted in various pastel colours, and the look is complete. You can have the kids play games like pin-the-tail-on-the-unicorn, or unicorn ring toss or even have them build their own unicorn headbands. There really are so many kid friendly things to do

Drive-Thru Birthday Parade

If you thought drive-thru birthday parades were popular in 2020, think again! They are even more popular in 2021! What’s more, they are probably the safest kind of party you can throw given the natural social distancing involved. The idea is simple: have your friends and family take turns to drive through with balloons, gifts, signs and other goodies,and help you celebrate your child’s birthday! You could even have your child’s favourite music playing right through and decorate your yard. 

Camp Out Night

There’s two ways you can play this. The first is to go out into the wild and have a camp out. The second, which is easier, is to camp out in your yard. Roast hot dogs by a fire, pass out bags of chips and grab some s’mores. You can play badminton, cornhole and other fun games and end the night with a suitably spooky story. 

Trampoline Park

This is an easy going theme that is still loads of fun. Go to your local trampoline park and let the trampoline do the rest! Kids love bouncing on trampolines and can do it for hours! Just bring snacks because all that bouncing around gets kids hungry!