How to Motivate your Global Management Team During the Lockdown

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The current Covid-19 pandemic has hit us very hard in so many ways, with fatalities over the 1 million mark and another wave expected as we move into winter, and one the damaging aspects of this pandemic is the travel restrictions. If you normally spend a few days with your sales team and head off to the next country, then you will need to source alternative communication methods and that’s where Zoom comes in.

Multilingual Support

If your sales team spans multiple languages as well as multiple countries, don’t worry; Zoom allows you to connect with everyone at once thanks to its integrated interpretation solution. To deliver a multilingual webinar in Zoom, you simply select the languages you want to make available and then begin your webinar in the usual way. The attendees choose the audio channel they want to hear, with interpreters translating your content in real time. 

You’ll need a paid Zoom account in order to access this multilingual expertise. There are also some limitations around how many languages you can use within an individual webinar. However, the provision is sufficient for the needs of most businesses.

Through Zoom’s interpretation service, you can allow your team to listen in the language that they are most comfortable using. Those delivering the translations are language professionals who are experienced at providing interpretation services. After all, interpretation is a skilled art and delivering it over the phone is even harder than doing so in person. That’s because remote interpreters lack the ability to see the speaker’s body language – they miss out on all of those gestures and facial expressions that are such a key part of the way we communicate. This means they need to listen even more carefully in order to deliver the speaker’s words accurately.

In a business setting, these professional linguists can easily connect teams who speak different languages. Zoom is one service that offers this option but it is not alone in doing so. As such, it’s worth shopping around to ensure that the software you choose delivers all of the other features that you need as well, from screen sharing that makes delivering presentations easy to the ability to record the proceedings. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

This allows for audio and video to be transmitted with applications such as Zoom, which is free for the user (we recommend you pay a small fee and have the business platform) and it allows you to have global conferences with multiple users. The application offers file sharing, data input and a white board, which is essential. If you rent one of those affordable meeting rooms in Yangon, you can host your virtual meetings from there. Zoom is designed for creativity and effective communication in real-time conferences that last as long as they need to. It is, of course, important that you have a Broadband Internet connection, as you will need to extra bandwidth to host conference calls.

Cloud Based Solutions

Assuming that all your business data is on a secure cloud platform, team players have access and can update in real time. If, however, you are not yet using the cloud, this is something to remedy, especially during the pandemic when travelling is restricted. All key players can access data using their laptop or mobile device and the network is password protected, with hierarchies you create to control data access. There are many benefits to enlisting the help of an IT support company, as this blog outlines.

Understanding Virtual Meetings

Prior to setting up a global video meeting, it is important that you know what you’re doing, as you are hosting the meeting, so do have a few practice calls with friends and colleagues, which will familiarise you with the many features. You should also inform the participants to download the Zoom application, which is free to download and when you are ready for your meeting, simply create a virtual room and send the team the meeting ID in an email.

Online Security

If you are using the pro version of Zoom, you can rest assured that your data cannot be hacked and your conference is secure and with more and more businesses seeing the benefits of virtual meetings, this is a booming sector. A Google search will bring up a list of business communication firms that can tailor the service to suit the client, while creating a cloud solution for all your business data, which is essential today.

Virtual conference features enable you to have the interaction you need and this is also very affordable when compared to telephone calls and you have all the tools you need to collaborate on your projects. If you would like to talk to a VOIP specialist, a Google search will bring up a list of firms that can set up virtual conference facilities on a secure cloud network.