Top Smartphone Brands for Cool Kids

With mobile phones being such an integral aspect of our day to day lives, there is more reason than ever to be careful whilst choosing your phone. Traditionally, phones were just used for phoning (hence their name) yet now they provide us with endless functions and applications and are used as compasses, gaming devices and cameras. Having grown up with more advanced technology, many kids are also after something that will support the apps and games they enjoy. 

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Finding the Phone Right for You

When choosing the brand of phone that is right for you, it is necessary to consider what exactly you will be using the phone for. For instance, if you are simply using it for calls, texts and not much else, you probably want to go with a cheaper and more basic phone. If you want to use it for more advanced functions, however, it is good to do a little research before splashing out. iPhones have dominated the market in recent years, but are definitely not suited to everybody – don’t just buy a phone brand because you think everybody else has it. 

Pay as You Go or Contract Deal? 

Pay as you go and contract deals are the two main ways you can pay for your phone. Neither is necessarily ‘better’ or ‘worse’, as it is entirely dependent upon how much you will be using the phone and what you will be using it for. Often, if you are going for a cheaper phone and do not consistently use a lot of data, calls or texts, then a pay as you go deal is probably the best one to opt for. However, if you are using large quantities of data as well as texting and calling very frequently, it can work out cheaper to get a phone contract. 

Cool Brands for Kids 

TCL mobile Turkey is a great brand for kids and can be bought at a very reasonable price. They come in a variety of unique and fun colours, which will make your phone stand out from the crowd. Their smart and flashy touch screen design gives a great first impression, and they are even more impressive when you see the bold on-screen colours and great camera quality. The big screens make TCL phones great for watching videos and playing games, and they are very easy to navigate for a beginner. A wide range of apps are also supported so your kids will never get bored. It is good to know your kids have high quality and reliable phones. As a parent, this is one of the best things you can do to help your kids stay safe whilst allowing them to have freedom and go out with their friends. For those days when you are driving or sitting in a waiting room, and your kids need some quick entertainment, putting a film on a mobile phone for them is a great way to keep them occupied.