Best Ridesharing Apps Of 2020

person using ridesharing app

Another year, another leap forward for ridesharing apps. Sure, there are still some reasons that folks are hesitant about ridesharing (driving around with a stranger, for instance, or the potential for crashes, as any rideshare car accident attorney will tell you). By and large, though, ridesharing has taken off and presents a convenient, eco-friendly way to get from point “A” to point “B.”

If you thought your options were limited to the big boys like Uber and Lyft, though, prepare to have that assumption thoroughly challenged. Sure, those are still two great options that have earned their place, but there’s a lot more variety for you to enjoy. Today, we’re going to expose you to some of those alternatives, as we detail some of the lesser-known ridesharing programs that should be on your radar.


Curb touts their service as “redefining urban mobility.” On the surface, users will find many similarities to Uber and Lyft, in that you’re able to open that smartphone app, hail your ride, and make it to your final destination with haste. It’s got some unique offerings, however, that help it stand apart and may have led to its recent surge in growth.

For starters, Curb works with the taxi industry (as opposed to the independent operators so common with Uber and Lyft). This means tighter regulations and an overall safer experience. What’s more, it also means no surge pricing and an ability to access a ride in situations where other ridesharing services might be unavailable.


If carpooling is your desire, then you might want to take a look at Via, the service that focuses on ferrying multiple riders to and fro. Via also prioritizes efficiency, by only picking up and dropping off on a “corner by corner basis.” This makes their routes simpler, and allows for speedier transport around your locale.


This relatively recent ridesharing app got its start offering airport transportation, and while Wingz definitely has that speciality down, there’s a lot more they offer beyond that as well. 

Just as with other ridesharing apps, you can hire them for a ride around town (in one of the 16 metro areas they operate in). Beyond that, though, Wingz also allows you to schedule rides in advance (up to two months) and offers flat rates on its rides. Perhaps most remarkable about their service, however, is the ability for riders to pick their favorite drivers, then request the ones they “know, like, and trust” the most.