Language Barriers and Cultural Issues for Commerce and the Community

We are very proud of our young heritage in Australia; a nation created by people from all over the globe, and as a result of this, the general population is very diverse, and for some, English is at best, understood at a basic level. This occurs very often at a community level; local government departments and NGOs are tasked with disseminating critical information to the community, which is delivered in the form of a community workshop, and with a varying level of understanding, not all of the workshop participants understand.

Culturally Appropriate

Every culture has its own set of values and beliefs and it is oh so easy to offend a person from one culture, without even knowing. One single word could have completely different meanings in different cultures, and in many cases, a mistake like this causes mistrust between different cultural groups within a single society.

Certified Translations

There are many occasions when you might require something officially translated;

  • Driving Licence
  • Birth, Death & Marriage Certificate
  • Qualifications
  • Police Check/ Clearance

Fortunately, a Google search is all it takes to source an established and very experienced company that offers many forms of translation services, and if you need a fast service, this can be guaranteed, as they have the resources and work with an impressive list of corporate clients.

Business Language Difficulties

While we have the World Wide Web to give us instant communication, languages are often an issue, whether it be general or technical communication; Australian businesses that deal with Asian companies, for example, often hit a brick wall, which could lead to a failed business relationship or failure to land a contract. This when you really need certified document translation services, which can easily be sourced with an online search. Fast, accurate and culturally suitable translations can transform your organisation, and with an online expert who is always ready, you have a very effective language solution at your fingertips.

Plain Language Training

This is an essential service for organisations that are tasked with training communities in social aspects, as it is very often the case where workshop participants come from diverse cultural backgrounds. When workshop trainers deliver their content, much of the important information is not understood – or worse, misunderstood – yet with plain language training, workshop trainers learn how to use plain English when communicating and this makes a big difference.

Plain Language Training Objectives

The main goals for such a course would include:

  • Basic Translation
  • Identifying and Presenting Essential Information
  • How to Simplify Content
  • Strategies to Ensure Comprehension
  • Creating Accessible Content in any Language

If you have presenters who work with diverse cultures in any environment, they would certainly benefit from gaining the above skills, and with online experts that are available at short notice, you can plan and deliver a training session that will empower your presenters and avoid language and cultural issues.

Any Australian organisation can benefit from professional business translation services, which can be found with a Google search.