4 Tips For Reducing Your Time On Your Phone

Most people that own a smartphone admit that they use their device more than they’d like to admit. As many as two out of five people claim they look at their phone within minutes of opening their eyes in the morning and one out of three say it’s the last thing they check before bed.

So, what’s the big deal, and why is this a bad thing? The truth is that too much time on your phone leads to decreased human interaction, poor memory, and shorter attention spans. While phones in and of themselves aren’t bad things, the time that they take away from our daily lives is. If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, and take more time for more meaningful use of your time, then take a look at some of the best ways to reduce your phone use.

Schedule Your Phone Time 

One of the best ways to set limits is to give yourself a little wiggle room. Creating a schedule for when you can freely use your phone and when you should be working will avoid feeling deprived.

For example, you can set an hour for yourself in the mornings when you can check your mobile SEO rankings, scroll through Facebook, or read the latest news. However, once it’s time to go to work, you should make a commitment to leave your phone alone.

Use Airplane Mode

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If you get a lot of notifications throughout the day, it can be hard to ignore your phone. Airplane mode is an excellent tool for slowing down and tuning out the noise.

Rather than being tempted to look at your phone every time that it makes a sound, you can stay focused on what you should be doing at that moment. 

Put Your Phone In a Drawer During Work Hours

For those who are particularly addicted to checking their phone, putting it away entirely may be the best option.  

Change Your Data Plan

If better use of your time isn’t motivating enough to cut back your phone habits, then money can be a fantastic motivator. Consider changing your data plan so that you risk running up a higher bill.

Use a Time Tracking App

Many people don’t realize just how much time they’re spending scrolling on their phone. Studies show that people spend a whopping 3 hours a day on their phones per day.

Just imagine how much work you could get done during that time. A tracking app provides the data so you can see how often you’re on your phone. You can even set goals and limits so that you know when you’re approaching the end of your time.

When it comes to being more productive less time on your mobile device, not more, is often the most critical element of an immediate productivity boost. Improving your time productivity should free you up for more of the things you love to do in your personal and business ventures. When you’re spending more time on the things that matter, there is more room for personal and business growth as well.