The Top 4 Hunting Games for iPhone

While many people might not like the idea of hunting in real life, hunting simulators and other hunting mobile games are highly enjoyable due to their straightforward yet challenging nature, which makes them accessible for gamers of all levels of experience. With countless hunting games on the market for all devices including the iPhone, it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. Here are our picks for the best hunting games available now for iPhone devices.

  1. Deer Hunter 2016

The sequel to the original Deer Hunter mobile game that was released in the mid 2010’s, Deer Hunter 2016 features better graphics and smoother gameplay. The game gives players the opportunity to hunt prey across a variety of terrain, while also watching out for natural predators. This straightforward game is relatively simple and a great option for beginners with little to no prior video game experience.

  • Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

If typical hunting games aren’t your thing, you might enjoy hunting for dinosaurs in this fun, chart topping game. Deadly Shores allows players to navigate unknown terrain in a made up land where dinosaurs are still alive (before hunting them with the weapons of your choosing). The graphics in this game are not exactly realistic, but they are very high quality.

  • Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt allows players to focus on improving their shooting skills, much like they would in real life at a long range shooting school with Outdoor Solutions. The game allows players to experience a simulated hunt in a variety of geographical locations around the globe, while hunting a variety of animals ranging from deer to bears and everything in between.

  • Hunting Clash

Similar to Wild Hunt, Hunting Clash gives players the option to hunt in a variety of simulated locations, ranging from rural Montana all the way to Savannah, Africa, and each location features stunningly realistic visuals. The game allows players to hunt a wide variety of animals including deer, bears, and ducks, and has an emphasis on improving shooting skills.