3 Ways to Safely Stay Connected While Driving

In today’s society, many people feel naked without having their smartphone in their hand. But in some cases, being distracted by your mobile device can be especially dangerous, particularly when you should be giving your undivided attention to something else. Because of this, using your phone while driving has become illegal in many areas since phones have been found to be a contributing factor to many, many car accidents. So for those who still need to be connected but are committed to obeying the law and keeping themselves and those around them safe, here are three ways you can stay connected while still safely driving your car.

Use Bluetooth Connectivity

To help you still be able to use your phone while keeping your hands on the steering wheel at all times, you can use something called Bluetooth connectivity. Almost all phones in use today will have Bluetooth capabilities, as will most cars found on the roads. However, if your car doesn’t come with Bluetooth capabilities already, Marc Saltzman, a contributor to USA Today, shares that you can also purchase an aftermarket accessory for your car. By using Bluetooth in connection with your smartphone, you can send and receive calls or texts through your car’s speakers, allowing you to still get in contact with someone if you need to but still follow the hands-free laws that are in force in many areas.

Put In A Phone Mount

While many people have committed to not texting while driving, they also need to use their phones for other purposes while driving, most notably for navigation purposes. If you’re in this category, the safest way to use your phone to navigate, according to Jim Rossman, a contributor to the Seattle Times, is to put in a phone mount on your dashboard somewhere. By doing this, you’ll still be able to use your phone’s GPS and map to navigate your way but you won’t have to hold your phone in your hand or take your eyes too far off the road.

Get To Know Your Phone

Although no one is a proponent for people using their cell phones excessively while driving, there may be emergency situations where you’ll have to pull out your phone. If and when this happens, Progressive.com advises that you spend some time getting to know your phone so you can quickly and easily complete whatever task you need to do. This includes knowing how to set up your speed dial or your phone’s quick-touch features if applicable. While it’s always best to use your phone when you’re not actively driving, knowing and understanding these features of your phone will help to minimize the distraction in the very rare instance where briefly using your phone may be necessary.

A big part of staying safe on the road is not letting your phone distract you. So to keep both yourself and all others safer, consider using the tips mentioned above to stay connected while prioritizing safety.