3 Ways Technology Can Help with the Loss of a Loved One

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There is no easy way to deal with grief and when a loved one dies; we all deal with it in our own way. Grief is something we must all face in life, it is an experience that every one of us will feel at some point. Going to a funeral helps us to grieve, but even now, we are restricted because of the pandemic. But luckily, we are in the midst of a technological revolution and there are many digital aids to help us get by.

  1. Meditation Apps

Many knowledgeable Sydney funeral directors will tell you that there are various ways to deal with the loss of a loved and getting through a good ceremony is one of them. Once the funeral service has finished, you can use digital apps to help you cope with the loss.

We get highly stressed after such an emotional experience and managing this stress can be a challenge, especially in the middle of a pandemic. At the moment, in a large number of countries, gyms and meditation centres are in lockdown.

But there are apps available that can help us deal with and manage stress levels. These easy to use apps offer guided meditation sessions that remove us from a painful situation.

  • Live Streaming

Most people want to attend the funeral service of a loved one, but not everyone is comfortable or able to get to the service.

You’ll find that most funeral services can now be watched on live stream for people who cannot or do not want to attend the service. This technology is great for anyone who lives abroad and cannot fly home to join the ceremony. Technology is offering healthcare services, so why shouldn’t it make funerals more accessible?

Technology is changing the shape of traditional funerals in many ways and digital services are becoming the norm. Here are just some of the ways, funeral homes and services have changed with innovative tech.

  • Online bookings & planning
  • Digital viewing platforms
  • Digital presentations & videos
  • Online book of condolences

Live streaming on funeral services easier to attend, even if just in a digital capacity. You no longer have to feel uncomfortable for not being able to make it to the service.

  • Online Forums

Currently, many of us are in lockdown because of the pandemic. This is already stressful and losing a loved one on top of this can be hard to deal with. If you’ve been able to attend the funeral, you probably never got close to family members because of the coronavirus restrictions on social gatherings.

There is no chance to grieve in person with others as restaurants, bars, and social clubs are closed. Online forums allow people who need help to grieve, offering support and guidance from compassionate members.

There are many ways to deal with grief, but most of them are now off limits because of the pandemic. Funerals have been restricted to a specific number of people in certain countries and not everyone can attend. Luckily, there are plenty of digital funeral services and digital coping mechanisms that help.