Why Switching from 4 Wheels to 2 Makes Complete Sense

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We all have a need for our own transportation, which brings with it a level of freedom and independence; having the ability to jump in the car and go anywhere you please, despite the heaving traffic at rush hour times. While motorcycles have always had a large and faithful following, the car is very much considered the best form of private transport, yet thanks to a revival in big biking, more and more people are realising the many benefits of taking to two wheels rather than four.

Here are a few excellent reasons to trade in the car for a big bike.

  • Running Costs – When you compare a bike to car in terms of running costs, the bike wins hands-down; at least triple the mileage for fuel, plus servicing and repairs are much cheaper. We don’t realise how much money we pump into the car’s fuel tank until we stop and whatever the size of your motorcycle, it will be much cheaper to run and maintain than any car could be.
  • Initial Investment – We all know the prices of a new car, yet for a few thousand dollars, you can be the proud owner of a brand-new 650cc touring bike, while used bikes are even cheaper. With comprehensive bike insurance from Rabbit Finance and a valid bike licence, the only other outlay you have is your biking clothing and safety equipment.
  • Thrill & Adventure – Unless you drive a Porsche or Ferrari, you won’t get the same rush of adrenalin as if you open up a big bike on the open road. You can plan long-weekend expeditions to one of the many National Parks in Thailand, where they have luxury accommodation and you can immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.
  • Saving Time – We all know the horrors of rush hour traffic in Bangkok, or any other major metropolis, for that matter and a mid-range bike will save you so much time on your daily commute. No need to leave home before sunrise and when it rains, you have your wet-weather plastic suit that can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Park under a bridge and take out your waterproofs from under the seat, or you could sit and wait it out, which might be a safer alternative. Click here for tips on buying a new vehicle, which might prove invaluable when you are closind4g the deal on a big bike.
  • No More Parking Issues – We all know how tough it can be to find a parking spot in the city, which is another reason to switch to two wheels, as there are always bike parking facilities. The bike is ideal for urban riding, indeed, many commuters invest in a nippy scooter and leave the car at home.

Check with the government about the bike licence categories and make sure you are road legal and always obey the speed limits and you should be fine. Thailand is a beautiful country, with some of the best roads in Asia, making it ideal for big bike touring, which will present many opportunities to spend time in the countryside.