WhatsApp Web Myths and Misconceptions

WhatsApp has one of the best user interface and best user experience in all apps. The interface is so well designed that other apps have taken inspiration from it, and some even have copied the design. 

Even if the WhatsApp Web is one of the most successful creations, there are people have made myths and misconceptions about WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web is made in such way that it is very safe and it you can use it on the go. 

Data Transfer

A major misconception about WhatsApp Web is that the WhatsApp makers send your data from the WhatsApp Web to some cloud in which some authorities are regulating your data. 

Some even think that if you open your WhatsApp on web, you WhatsApp will become more vulnerable to hackers, and they will get their hands on your data. 

Data transfer is one of the greatest myths about the WhatsApp Web. 

Computer Virus

Some people think that WhatsApp Web is the number one way to get virus on your phone. This is also a myth. This cannot happen because you are opening WhatsApp through web, not your computer. WhatsApp Web does not require you to plug your phone into the computer, so that means WhatsApp Web does not get virus on your phone. 

Security Breach 

It is the biggest misconception about WhatsApp Web that your digital identity is exposed through WhatsApp Web. People think that your number, address, location, and all your details are synced to the WhatsApp Web, and anybody can get a look into your details. 

It is also a myth. All WhatsApp data is encrypted so no one can read your details. Even hackers cannot get a look at your details like that. 

WhatsApp Stays Logged In 

The general people who shy away from WhatsApp Web because they think that if they once log into WhatsApp Web from any computer the person who uses the computer later can also access their WhatsApp Web later. That is not true. When you log out of the WhatsApp Web, the connection breaks, and no one can access your WhatsApp later. WhatsApp Web will require you to scan a new QR code.


WhatsApp is a revolutionary app, but it is also not safe from misconceptions and myths. So whenever you hear a piece of news you need to make sure if it is true or not.