An Unusual Road Rage Case Leads to Arrest

Illustration of an Angry Driver Shouting While Blowing His Car’s Horn

It is critical for everyone to place safety first, particularly when they get behind the wheel of a car. Sadly, accidents can happen at any time and even minor collisions can result in serious injuries. On the other hand, some cases involving accidents are downright unusual. Recently, a young man was arrested in connection with a road rage incident that took place in the local area. Unfortunately for him, this incident was captured on video. This young man was arrested by local authorities on a suspicions of assault with a deadly weapon.

In a video that was captured by someone else, this individual can be seen operating a white sedan. All of a sudden, he rams his car into the back of a pickup truck, according to an official with the Los Angeles Police Department. The video was taken by another motorist who was waiting at a red light. The white sedan has its driver’s door open. All of a sudden, the wires start to squeal and smoke. Out of nowhere, this sedan starts to push the pickup truck through the intersection. A part of the front bumper of the sedan starts to dangle from the frame as the cloud of smoke continues to grow. According to The May Firm, drivers can do themselves a huge favor by taking “as many pictures as possible of everything involved in the scene of your crash.” Clearly, the video played a major role in this case.

When the light turned green, all of the vehicles started to move; however, the driver of the white sedan continued to pursue the pickup truck down the road. Eventually, the white sedan plays into the side of the pickup truck, according to the video. The video is truly shocking and the police department stated that it had received several 911 calls all related to the incident. According to court documents, this individual has been arrested for poor behavior behind the wheel of the car in the past.

This incident got completely out of control and placed countless others at risk, including the driver of the pickup truck that was T-boned at the end of the incident. If someone is struck by another vehicle from the side, this places him or her at risk for serious injuries. Most notably, if an impact takes place in the driver’s door, this can lead to a femur fracture. The femur is one of the thickest bones of the body. It articulates with the pelvis at the hip joint and the lower leg at the knee joint. Many femur fractures require surgery to correct and can lead to significant complications including damage to tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels. The physical, emotional, and financial ramifications of an accident such as this can be serious.

It is critical for everyone to place safety first behind the wheel. People need to take a deep breath and remember that everyone’s safety is at stake.