What Security Features & Practices to Consider Before Installing a New Safe

Purchasing a safe is no child’s play. 

Before you get one, you need to make sure it is strong & sturdy enough to keep your prized possessions safe. But how can one analyze that? How can one ensure the safe they are about to purchase is going to turn out a worthwhile investment? How can you deduce that the safe is a high quality construction? 

When it comes to security safe, there are a few things you need to pay close attention to. These factors can include, the storage capacity, the weight & size, the protection rating, warranty coverage and so on. If you are going to buy one, make sure that you check these features besides just the door, lock & frame. 

Buying a safe? Here are 5 factors which you need to consider before cherry-picking the right one. 

Size & Weight

One of the foremost things you need to consider before purchasing a safe is the size and weight of the safe. When you are aware of the weight and the dimensions, it becomes relatively easier for you to identify a safe which will best fit in your home/office settings. Depending on your requirement to store in a safe, it will eventually become easier for you to decide which safe would be the best fit for your place. 

So research on the size and find out the weight of the safe models before making your investments. 

Fire Rating & Protection

One of the things you need to pay attention to before choosing a particular safe for your personal/professional use is the fire rating on the safe. When opting-in for a safe, make sure to check if it is ETL verified. Also, it has a fire rating of somewhere in between 30 – 90 minutes of heat test ratings. And the heat rating shouldn’t be anything less than 1,200 degrees. 

The right ETL verification will ensure the safe has the highest fire ratings possible. Based on the verification, you can best decide if it’s the right choice for your personal or business use. 

Storage Features

The important features of the safe which makes a safe, a safe are the obvious things which cannot be easily overlooked. For example, the door frame, the locks, the security layers, etc. 

Check what locks are provided. Some safe has bolting locks, others feature electronic locks, re-lockers, reinforced locks protecting steel layers, etc. Also, it will be best to check the construction of the door & the frame. Also, it is best to check the material of the safe and ensure it is of the best quality. 

Research all of these necessary features before you decide on purchasing one for your usage. 

Storage Capacity

Some people prefer to store jewelries, some want to store documents while others want to keep a gun collection. Depending on your particular need, you can decide what storage capacity safe can be the best fit for you. When it comes to storing small items such as gold, cash, handguns, documents, or jewelries, then you may not need an incredibly large safe to store stuff. Anything which falls into the small category can be worthwhile. However, if you’re choosing a safe to store something in large quantities, then you need to define the storage capacity accordingly. 

Check on the Warranty

Last certainly not the least, choose a safe which is available in warranty. 

It is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing a safe. Try to find a safe which comes with a lifetime warranty. Before searching, “locksmith near me” and coming across a range of different locksmiths to help you provide the safe, do a self-research on your own to find the right option. There are several companies who have high quality safe which are meant to provide long-lasting warranty. When buying a safe, make sure to have the complete peace of mind. 

Get a safe which has the best warranty available.